Engines F1: considerably more noisy in 2016

Pat SymondsOne of the complaints that had fans since the introduction of the new V6 Turbo Hybrid is so quiet that you are. In fact, we have been able to appreciate even the noise of the tires rubbing against the asphalt when constrained in the curves. Gone are those years in which the F1 broke eardrums as with the previous V10 and V8, however this is going to improve in 2016 because there will be more engines noisy.

The noise that will make the engines in 2016 will be considerably more strong as they have said some voices in the paddock. Without going any further, Pat Symonds has revealed a few days ago, the new measures adopted by the World Council to increase the sound produced by the turbo engines, will the motors are up to 25% more noisy that the current V6 Turbo Hybrids with changes in the exhaust valves of the exhaust main.

Paddy LoweAccording to Symonds, he says that “With the discharge valve closed, so that you will receive, is around 14% higher. With the discharge valve open, it will be a 20-25% higher. Is a natural progression. Big part of the sound is a function of the pressure of the cylinder. The higher the pressure in the cylinder, the more sound arrives and, at the time that we evolved the engine, the way you get power is by increasing the pressure in the cylinders. We have seen large increases since the beginning of 2014.“.

Now Williams is joined by Paddy Lowe of Mercedes. Lowe also indicates that the cause of the little current noise is due to “The discharge valve to the muffler in the exhaust main.”. Now the new measures mean that the valve should have its own exhaust, that is to say, they are going to separate from the exhaust main. Lowe insists that“we’ll See how much more noisy they are, but we have made some measurements in the laboratories and we have seen a significant increase.“.