“Enjoy an exciting October” Can we have something prepared BMW?

We are looking forward to launch a couple of alternatives BMW M stamped with the insignia of BMW Motorsport. On the way is a tempting GTS BMW M4 production, and so is one BMW M2 more than willing to conquer … and now will BMW from the German subsidiary and tempts us with a “Enjoy an exciting October” .

Let’s be cautious, maybe we are not advancing any new model and simply BMW Germany is us “wishing you a Happy October,”

This statement, posted on the Facebook of BMW Germany could well refer to a newly introduced BMW X4 M40i , the X4 360 horses spiced by BMW M Performance. It may well also refer to something new we will know in the coming days … or, let’s be cautious, might be wishing simply, without any intention more, a good month of October .

Ahead we have the Tokyo Motor Show and we can not lose sight of a Hall of Los Angeles that, in mid-November, could be the perfect stage to present some the two sports alternatives that are to come: the aforementioned BMW M2 and GTS BMW M4


GTS BMW M4 : we have known as a conceptual model, is it time to meet the production version


Months ago, in mid-August, BMW introduced us to a BMW M4 GTS that even conceptual, enjoyed a refined aerodynamics with a new front splitter, a new diffuser and a large rear spoiler crowning her while mechanically received a water injection system for the familiar 6-cylinder 3-liter displacement.

Serial BMW M3 and M4 delivers an output of 431 horses … How far will be able to get this GTS BMW M4 ?

Of course not everything would be fine-tuned aerodynamics and power. By the way also lose weight to blow CFRP removed in passing some more superfluous and would have a refined cycle part for the occasion.

BMW M2 , if the M235i and love us …

Another major expected BMW M is a BMW M2 is set to 2016 , what then paints on October? We may be witnessing a first advance in the form of photos and first details before putting public long or we may be witnessing the arrival of a conceptual previous model that anticipates model production would largely unchanged.

Recall that is expected to be BMW M2 Flaunt block 6-cylinder and 3-liter displacement , as we are already in the M235i, delivering power of 360-370 horses in tune with changes in the chassis and a little extra muscle to your body.

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