Enjoy the classic taste of a Toyota Land Cruiser using a fantastic restomod of The FJ Company

The FJ Company is a small california-based company specializing in the restoration of classic suvs. We specialize in particular in the Toyota Land Cruiser first generation, known by its internal code FJ. What began as a hobby of its founder, has been transformed into a valuable company that produces restomods from dilapidated Land Cruiser without restore. The result is a Toyota Land Cruiser classic, brand new, with certain modern amenities, but all the flavor and style of yesteryear.

The rates of The FJ Company started at $ 55,000 and does not include the car starting.

The work carried out are restorations turnkey: for an amount which starts at $ 55,000 and a vehicle donor, to produce a Land Cruiser, brand new, with several pre-defined models, consistent with the standards of the time. A Land Cruiser Classic very faithful to the original concept, a model California inspired t-shirt and a model Sport more focused to enjoy on the asphalt. All of them are restored in a comprehensive manner from the chassis, and no component is overlooked or ignored.


The model that you have on the screen was born in Japan in 1981, and was purchased by a company colombian power, who used it for years as a work vehicle. Ended up in the united States, and was an excellent base for a restoration as its motor still worked and its chassis had barely any rust. The fate of this vehicle is Copperstate Overland, a company that organizes tours off-road for customers with high purchasing power, with the aim of exploring the darkest corners of Arizona. A luxury, in fact.

Painted in color Olive 637, will be used for tours off-road for well-heeled amateur, on the plains of Arizona.

But not so much luxury as this fantastic Toyota Land Cruiser. For a start, the company has installed brake discs on the front axle, more reliable and safer than the older discs of drum of this unit. In addition, they have installed a suspension Old Man Emu, designed for off-road use. The engine 2F, a six-cylinder in-line 4.2-liter and 135 HP of power, has been rebuilt. All your hoses replaced, and installed new components to your electrical system, cooling and fuel supply.

toyota-fj-cmpany-restomod-6The engine is really a new engine, and they come out so clean from The FJ Company that you could eat on the valve cover. In addition, they have installed a new roll cage, a box of changes of a more modern five relationships and LED lighting, both for the dipped headlights as for the off-road lights on the front. The car’s exterior was also restored, and painted in colour Olive 637, a tone official Toyota that also fits perfectly with the natural tones of the state of Arizona, where this Land Cruiser will live.

The FJ Company will make on a Land Cruiser in almost anything, provided that what you can pay for.

In the interior, have been installed seats Corbeau MOAB leather dark-colored and excellent finish. This Toyota Land Cruiser also retains the two continuous benches installed in the back, which is still covered with an awning, ivory-colored. A small fire extinguisher and a gear train refreshed – axle and differential restored to the full – closed this spectacular restoration, with all the original flavor and a few but useful modern additions. The FJ Company has not wanted to announce the price of this fantastic creation.

toyota-fj-cmpany-restomod-13we Imagine that it won’t be cheap. In addition, allow you to do restorations and preparations customized in any Toyota Land Cruiser FJ manufactured between 1959 and 1984. are Not restomods as advanced as the ICON, but they are equally or more attractive. Who were a rich man…

Source: Truck Yeah