Enjoy the new Transit range nonstop

speed, comfort, safety, functionality and robustness are some of the features that can better define the fleet of the new Transit range, an experience for the senses to relaunch your business on the market , you know?

Disfruta de la nueva gama Transit sin parar

With a load capacity and leading fuel in its category, models of this exclusive range of vehicles in accordance with advanced technologies in aid safety and driver.

to confirm it with your own eyes, you only need to see Fernando in the video that we show in this article. You’ve never seen anything like it.

what your business, in the range Transit can find a wide variety of models to meet the special needs of your company. No matter what transport, this new series find that kind of perfect vehicle for you.

Of all these, you can opt for the tough and unforgiving Transit series, designed for maximum fuel efficiency and lower emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. As if this were not enough, this new series contains cutting-edge technology like Ford SYNC system with Assistant Emergency. It consists of five types of bodies. Chassis cab, Kombi, Minibus, Double Cab and Van Van

On the other hand, if we focus on industrial qualities, the new Transit Connect will bring a large capacity, flexibility, fuel economy and the last security technology and driver assistance, such as system Ford Active City Stop . With its flexible dual front passenger seat can hold up to three people in the van version, while combi mode can carry up to 7 people.

nueva gama Transit sin parar can not lose detail of the series Transit Courier , that despite the small size of their cars have up to 2.3 cubic meters of load volume, figures which are the highest in its class.

Equally interesting is the new series Transit Custom, cargo volumes 6 and 6.8 cubic meters with maximum permitted masses of between 2,500 and 3,300 kg. All this not to mention the many different innovations, such as transverse load screen that allows you to carry items up to 3 meters in length.

What are you thinking to yourselves cars new Transit spanning ?, and the video accompanying this action?

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