Enjoy with the sound of the Alpine A110 by the Col de Turini in this video

Alpine A110

After months and months of speculations, rumors, teasers and some other filtration, this week finally met, in the Geneva motor show, the Alpine A110 to detail. Your body has been able to mix three things really complicated, as are the style of the Alpine A110 original, a slick well designed and also modern aesthetics.

One of the sections with which it had been rumored in recent months was with propeller. We knew that would be placed between the seats and the rear axle, that is to say, in a central position, but did not know the engine capacity and performance. In Geneva already knew who will ride a 1.8 four cylinder supercharged and with air intake, turbo, escapes and ecu specific to the model. Just as you would like to hear it full performance by the Col de Turini. Dale al play.

At the wheel of the Alpine A110 is Nicolas Lapierre, the famous French rider, winner of the WEC in 2016. Although the video shows a fast motion, we can hear a sound escape sweet with a nice gurgling in the withholdings. Alpine has wanted to get to the heart of the passionate for the rally and, therefore, have used the Col de Turini, where dispute the Monte carlo Rally, for the recording of these passionate scenes.

, The Alpine A110 is a true sport. One of those cars that do not look for high wattage, but lightness. In addition can boast of a very low centre of gravity and a power to weight ratio to be envied. Weighs 1.080 kg, while its propellant delivery 252 HP and 320 Nm. In this way, has a horse power for each 4,3 kilos of weight. Their rivals will be the Porsche 718 Cayman and also, although to a lesser extent, the Alfa Romeo 4C. A penalty price, which is boots 58.500 euros for the French market.

Alpine A110