Ensure that Audi will have a small 2-door SUV below the Q1


They say Audi is developing the smallest of his family crossovers would come to the market with the name Audi Junior . It will be below the unpublished Q1 and have body two doors .


Audi Junior A udi has announced a small SUV which he called Q1 hit the market next year. It is a model that was supposed to be called Q2 but that name is now in the hands of FCA.

This situation complicated Audi plans, already planned an SUV below the Q2 , which felt called Q1 function to make clear that it was a smaller vehicle. That is why it is believed that the smallest of crossovers Audi take the called Junior.

It is believed that Audi will be offered exclusively Junior two-door body although claim that the rear doors could be added at a later stage if public demand requires it.

On the other hand it is believed that the powerplant will be a 3-cylinder engine and 1.0 liter with turbo and power 115 horsepower and engine 4 cylinders with capacities from 140 to 180 horsepower, with some diesel options too.





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