Ensure that the new BMW M2 be visually inspired E30 M3


BMW is watching the classic M3 E30 as a source of inspiration for the design of a special series of M2 . According to the director of BMW Group design, the E30 M3 has a lot of fans, and will use their design features to a future model signed by BMW M Power .


BMW-M3-E30-EVO2-1 E he Director of BMW Group Design Adrian van Hooydonk did not elaborate on what model could win the aesthetics of BMW M3 E30, but very likely to be an issue Special next BMW M2 that could be launched to celebrate 100th anniversary company, next year.

The new M2 has already been picked up by spy photos while conducting dailies, though covered by a thick camouflage. Is expected to have an six-cylinder engine and 3.0 liter yield around 380 horsepower but say that is a different propellant to those used by M3 and M4. This engine, equipped with TwinTurbo technology, allow them to outdo their rivals as more CLA 45AMG Mercedes and Audi RS3.

But the real news seems to be provided by the aspect that adopt the small marina, which offer secure design features characteristic of classic BMW M3 E30 as the steps of bulging wheel and devices as aerodynamic rear spoiler and front bumper, so characteristic of the E30.

Moreover Hooydonk announced that the aerodynamic elements are fixed, as it believes that this is the authentic way of doing things. Of course as a good product M, the weight savings is key and that is why the M2 use carbon fiber and plastics compounds with which it is expected that their weight is placed around the 1.400 kg .





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