Ensure that this is the new Mégane RS

Came the first images that allegedly show the upcoming Renault Megane RS, but we have serious doubts that they are real.

Renault Mégane RS 2016 (Filtración)Nor know if they are real or not, but you brought so that you can see them. The images have been disseminated through the social network Facebook by a group of fans of the French brand called Megane RS France.

despite our doubts, the images of the new Mégane RS account for a body of five doors, as Renault ruled that the current Mègane not be offered with three-door body. The front presents itself with a look more aggressive that includes a new bumper, and the emblem RS on the grill. To the side we see wheel arches more bulky, new skirts, in addition to a discreet air outlet in the front fender.

behind presents with a new spoiler on the tailgate, a – bumper format that is more aggressive that incorporates a diffuser and an output of the exhaust double. Complete the set the emblem RS located below the diamond. One of the images allow you to in addition observe a new key card which carries a chequered design and the inscription Renault Sport.

new Mégane RS will use a engine Tec turbo 4-cylinder and 1.8 liter in the front, which could provide a power of up to 300 horsepower, while it is not known if, in addition to the change of double clutch EDC will be offered a manual transmission.

Renault Mégane RS 2016 (Filtración)Renault Mégane RS 2016 (Filtración) Renault Mégane RS 2016 (Filtración)