Eric Boullier: “In Austin everything is back to normal”


Japan and the united States have been two Great Prizes in stark contrast to the team McLaren-Honda. While in Suzuka, the team signed one of their races more discrete in the second half of the year, in Austin, the team went back to the right path with the fifth position of Fernando Alonso and the great comeback of Jenson Button. However, Eric Boullier says that the performance in both races was similar, and that while in Japan the team lived an unfortunate surprise, in the united States became to see the “true Mclaren”, as has already happened in Sepang.

The performance of our car was the same as in Japan. However, compared with other teams, we lose a little bit in the high-speed corners” has explained Eric Boullier ‘Autosport’. The pattern of McLaren also stated that: “We are strong in slow corners. I Think that in Japan we had a good balance in qualifying, but is not ranked well and in the race we got stuck in the traffic. We didn’t have a great start, nor a first round and everything went wrong. Do not overtake a single car, so we were stuck in the back of the group“.

In this aspect, Eric Boullier believes that: In Austin everything is back to normal, we show that we can be there and look forward to many cars. I Think you saw the real McLaren, and so is evident if we look at the last few races. Japan was only a technical problem. We have to understand how to improve in curve quick for next year, although this race is a positive step for us. However, we have to be realistic, because our position is the eighth or the ninth, although in Austin we had a good start, first lap and a good tyre strategy throughout the race”.