Eric Boullier makes it clear: “we don’t want to share to Honda”


it was First in the GP of Russia and then in the GP of the united States. During the dispute of both tests, representatives from Red Bull met with Honda with the clear aim of assessing the possibility of equipping engines from the japanese brand from the season 2016. Currently, Red Bull and Toro Rosso are having a propellant for the next year. With the clear willingness to break the relationship with Renault and to the refusal of Ferrari and Mercedes to supply an engine spec 2016, Honda will be drawn as the only possibility.

however, the possible alliance between the austrian team and Honda has triggered alarms in McLaren. The british team feels that his relationship with the biker japanese must be unique, since the formation relied on the proposal of Honda to return to Formula 1. So much so, that Ron Dennis exercised the option to veto which incorporated the agreement between both parties to try to avoid that Red Bull and Honda to come to an agreement. Despite this, Honda has an agreement with the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone to expand the number of equiposcliente.

McLaren remains blunt, as evidenced by the latest statements made by Eric Boullier: “On everything that you write, there are different opinions. The truth is that we wanted to work with Honda and Honda wanted to work with us as an official society, because having a partner is the only way in which we believe we can be champions of the world”. The position of Boullier is clear: “If you are the only client of a manufacturer of motors, you can’t be a champion. So obviously we are in a prime position, brought them to the F1 and did not want to share with the Honda. That is all, no more to comment”.