Eric Boullier: “The car of 2016 is already better than the MP4-30”


The binomial formed by McLaren-Honda has had a 2015 to forget, with a discreet background of 27 points in the Constructors ‘ Championship and a record of sanctions on a technical level. It is time to turn the page and focus on the season 2016. The training is full development of the McLaren MP4-31 in Woking and in the light of the words of Eric Boullier, the team is on the right track. According to galo, the new car improves the performance of the MP4-30 according to the objective results in the test bench. Despite this, much work remains to be done.

“right Now, the car of 2016 is already offering better performance than the MP4-30” explains the French Eric Boullier in his last intervention. The Head of the Team McLaren-Honda in addition to considered that: “In general terms, almost everything is going to change with respect to the pattern of this year, but the philosophy will remain. The car is already giving good resultss and improves the the past year.” In the identical line is expressed Yasuhisa Arai, maximum responsible of Honda: “As it says Boullier, our concept and philosophy is maintained, but an all-new engine is in development phase“.

Button also shows hopeful, although the briton gives an opinion the more prudent of the theoretical progression of the MP4-31: “hopefully, next year we will be in a position much higher up in the grill because it will mean that the entire package has improved. I think that we need to improve on the ICE (internal combustion engine) and its power delivery, but also improve the car in general”. Jenson Button believes further that: There is much work to be done if we want to fight at the front. Each area of the car, the aerodynamics, the mechanical part… Many of these parts have to improve to give better results”.