Ericsson: “I have found that I need to be fast”


Marcus Ericsson has completed his second season with the team Sauber, formation with which it will continue in Formula 1 in 2017. The pilot swede, who has failed to score a single point throughout the year, believes that despite this it has been a season vital to his evolution as a rider, since the low performance of the car has allowed him to learn how to get the most out of the car and evolve in your riding style. A learning that has earned it for overcome 12-7 to Nasr in classification and 9-4 in the races that both finished.

This year I have been able to work better during the weekends stated Marcus Ericsson in a statement to ‘Autosport’. The pilot Swedish added: “The practice sessions have gone to a second plane, I have focused on rank well and this system has worked. This year I’ve really found a way to get a referral to go forward, I have found that I need to be fast. And what I need is a rear end of the car stable in the bends. If I can trust that I can gain more confidence to improve my speed out of corners”.


In this aspect, Ericsson acknowledges that until this season was not at all as well: May not have it 100% clear before. This type of details sound small, but in the end they make a huge difference. The most important thing is that I’m more mentally strong. There are times in which I’ve been a little lost at the beginning of the weekend, but there is no reason to feel frustrated because they are free. In the end the important thing is the Saturday and Sunday afternoon. If we miss in one point of the set-up, we do not get stressed and continue to work“.

by way of conclusion, Marcus Ericsson says that by following this method has managed to somehow arrive in better conditions to the important moments of each Grand Prix, and that therefore feels that now is a better driver than a year ago: “it Has been good to be able to build through the end of each week and get to Saturday afternoon with a set up good for the car overall. Thanks to this, I have been able to unlock the potential of the car for the classification of Saturday”.