Esapekka Lappi and the 'flying available' send in Jyväskylä


My ball, my rules. This can be the summary of the second loop of the Rally of Finland, any time local drivers have imposed their rules. With Esapekka Lappi in the starring role of the WRC, up to four pilots in finland have settled in the first five positions. Only Craig Breen has managed to sneak into the private party of the ‘flying available’, that until such time as they are raising passions in the fans. With half of the rally was disputed, Esapekka Lappi leads in 4.4 seconds to Jari-Matti Latvala. Teemu Suninen closes the provisional podium of the test, with 19 seconds of disadvantage compared with the leader.

Jari-Matti Latvala, the leader of the seniority and experience of the current generation of Finnish schools began the loop, evening at the front of the test. However, the young students made it clear that the hierarchies were not going to respect. In fact, Teemu Suninen marked the scratch on the SS8 with a Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 equipped with soft tyres as a result of the rain that accompanied the riders during a large part of the afternoon. Juho Hänninen, Jari-Matti Latvala and Esapekka Lappi signed a peculiar ‘poker’ fast times on the first pass ‘Äänekoski – Valtra’.

once the downpour of SS8, Esapekka Lappi was beginning to show its enormous potential. In fact, the Toyota driver got the scratch in ‘Laukaa’ to be placed up to 1.1 seconds of Latvala, chief of the rows. In turn, Craig Breen climbed to the fourth position, well-deserved reward to their regularity, especially in relation to a Kris Meeke, who had returned to accuse problems in the address. All in all, I had to wait for SS10 to see a real change of positions. A small mistake from Latvala joined the scratch of Lappi allowed the young pilot placed leader for the first time in their appointment of a home.


The margin of touch for a straw bale of Jari-Matti Latvala, that was the real reason of the change of leader, the SS10 left a good number of changes. However, Juho Hänninen was struck by the fourth position, despite hitting a rock left touched the rear suspension left and that she was not allowed to ride with comfort in the three remaining sections. For his part, Elfyn Evan managed to be sixth ahead of Mads Ostberg in full ‘free fall’ and a Thierry Neuville who managed to rescue the eighth position in the ss11 state road before a Kris Meeke who completed almost all of the loop with an incorrectly aligned wheel.

The second pass through ‘Laukaa’ left a new scratch of Esapekka Lappi which allowed him to establish its leadership, in addition to a new change of positions between Craig Breen and Juho Hänninen, something understandable after the Finnish driver had to close the day at a low rate to not end up breaking the suspension of your Toyota Yaris WRC. A lesser evil than not eclipsed the brilliant day of the local pilots, closed in the second edition of the super special urban ‘Harju’. Minimal differences to stop the swords held high in the face of the two-stage final.

In this aspect, Esapekka Lappi faces the second stage of the rally with 4.4 seconds ahead of Jari-Matti Latvala and 19 seconds to Teemu Suninen. As a pilot, infiltrated among the men of the house, Craig Breen holds the fourth position ahead of Juho Hänninen, although the Toyota driver seems to be faster in normal conditions. All in all, Juho does not have a great advantage over Mads Ostberg and Elfyn Evans, which form a second group according to their performance. Thierry Neuville with almost a minute lost have recognized that not ends to find the path and the goal of cut points to Ogier blends.


Even the ‘smaller’ of the house are giving reasons of joy in the Rally of Finland, any time that Jari Huttunen is the leader of the class WRC2. The Finnish driver completed a day of almost perfect at the wheel of his Skoda Fabia R5, to such a point of advantage in 56,2 seconds to Quentin Gilbert. The provisional podium of the category closes Fabio Andolfi with the Hyundai i20 R5, although it is not less true that Hiroki Arai is putting in a pinch of Italian. As in the morning, Ole Christian Veiby and Eric Camilli are the fastest drivers in RC2, although competing out of category.

Few changes have been given for last in the Junior WRC class WRC, the entire time that the frenchman Nicolas Ciamin continues to the front of both classifications, although now the second position is for his fellow countryman Terry Folb. The Swedish Dennis Radström completes the provisional podium of the two categories, resulting in Nil Solans is the fourth. The Spanish rider is knowing how to be of a certain temple, and though it leaves 46.5 seconds on the leader, is still immersed in the fight for the podium and ready to take advantage of any mistake of their rivals.

Classification after SS13 of the 67th Rally of Finland

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Esapekka Lappi Toyota Yaris WRC 1:11:36.4
2nd Jari-Matti Latvala Toyota Yaris WRC +4.4
3rd Teemu Suninen Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 +19.0
4th Craig Breen Citroen C3 WRC +33.0
5th Juho Hänninen Toyota Yaris WRC +39.1
6th Mads Ostberg Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 +45.0
7th Elfyn Evans Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 +45.1
8th Thierry Neuville Hyundai i20 WRC Coupe +58.0
9th Kris Meeke Citroen C3 WRC +1:07.6
10th Ott Tanak Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 +1:50.2

The Rally of Finland continues this Saturday (07:58h) with the dispute of the first of the eight sections that make up the second stage of the rally. The pilots will face 132,34 kilometres against the clock.