Essen Motor Show 2015: the five cars more spectacular


The Essen Motor Show 2015 has closed its doors, and once more has become an unmissable event for all those fans of the tuning of quality, showing many novelties in accessories, preparations unpublished part of the main firms in the German and exhibitions of height, as the 100 Years of BMW including prominent models of competition of the manufacturer of all eras.

by way of summary, we will show you what have been the five models most spectacular.

Ferrari 488 GTB by xXx Performance, surpassing the 1,000 HP


it May be that the first thing that catches the attention of the Ferrari 488 GTB of xXx Performance is its exterior, leading to the new model from Maranello to a new level. It is one of the first preparations on the recent 488 GTB, and what is true is that it doesn’t disappoint, with an exterior in matte red, alloy wheels Vossen golden of 21 inches and an aerodynamic kit of carbon fiber.

The most interesting part of this preparation, the xXx Performance, however, is in your engine. The V8 biturbo engine of 3.9 liters, can reach to 1000 HP in the Stage 3, the more radical they offer, beyond the 670 HP of series. With this eye-catching figure is allowed the luxury of competing with a LaFerrari…

BMW 150d by AC Schnitzer: 400 HP thanks to a diesel six-cylinder and three turbos


AC Schnitzer has been present in Essen, and as always has surprised us with spectacular preparations on a base BMW. In addition to its BMW X6 M and BMW 3 Series, the model more eye-catching in your exhibitor has perhaps been this special 1-Series. Conceived as a prototype made for exhibit, in their vain engine in the front we find a diesel 3.0-litre six-cylinder.

Thanks to turbocharging triturbo and other modifications, the BMW 150d AC Schnitzer is not short on power: no less than 400 HP, with a very high maximum torque of 800 Nm which will be on the hook to the rear wheels. It is not surprising that mark a 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Its exterior customisation will be available for all Series 1, giving you more aggressiveness to the compact bavarian, regardless of their engine.

Oettinger Golf 500R, a compact become (almost) in a supercar


There have been in Essen preparations on compact, and the Volkswagen Golf has been one of the main protagonists, capturing a lot of attention. We could have chosen to the also spectacular Volkswagen Golf R600 PPH-Motoring, but the award for the Golf’s most eye-catching is what we give to the Oettinger 500R.

Reasons are not lacking to do so, with a body widened with its own personality and engine 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder in which Oettinger has worked in depth, reinforcing and potenci├índolo until the 518 HP. This is without a doubt one of the most Golf-radicals that your eyes shall see, and also exclusive, with a price tag of six figures…

C7 Corvette ‘Tune it Safe 2015’, a police car very american, and unusual


This C7 Corvette become a police car has been one of the notes most striking of the Essen Motor Show 2015. And what it is for obvious reasons: it is not common to see a car like this serving the Police -unless you live in Dubai, of course-, and the preparation of Tikt Performance shines by itself.

No mechanical changes, this Corvette takes a discreet aero package in carbon fiber, in addition to its brilliant adaptation to police car, with vinyl exterior and LED lights emergency. What will surprise us the initiative ‘Tune It Safe’ the next year?

Splinter, the super sports car handcrafted wooden


we Leave to the end the higher rarity view in Essen. I am referring to the Splinter, a supercar two-seater mid-engine propulsion and rear, with an original and eye-catching design. If there is something that stands out is for its manufacturing in wood almost full and fully handmade, very accurate work and really well made and finished.

Built by Joe Harmon, Splinter is more than a simple experiment, and in fact is fully functional. With V8 engine source GM, offers 700 HP and maximum exclusivity: there is only this unit, which is not the venta.