Esteban Ocon, ready to be measured with Max Verstappen in the Formula 1

After a first half of the year complicated, Esteban Ocon finally starts to see their future more clear. The French rider continues to be one of the names that sound for a seat in Formula 1 the next season in the team Renault, where he currently serves as a test driver given by Mercedes, and this past weekend finally obtained their first points in the DTM with the German mark in the circuit Zandvoort.

His season will continue to wind on the stern in the near future, because, in the next Hungarian Grand Prix, played first free practice with Renault, as it did in Montmeló and Silverstone.

His good work and his achievements prior (champion of the FIA F3 and GP3 in consecutive years) has not gone unnoticed to the head of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, which has the frenchman in high esteem, reaching out to say that he’s “one of the stars of the future”. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf, Ocon has shown to be totally convinced that he is ready to make the leap to the top category:

I’m ready 100%, I will do anything to get to the highest level. I know where I come from, and how many sacrifices we have made, and I don’t want to lose my opportunity if it comes”


In the Formula 1 would be found with his great rival in Formula 3 two seasons ago, Max Verstappen. Both drivers staged spectacular moments in 2014 fighting for the championship, being rookies in the category. Ocon made use of his experience of extra (two years in the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0) and a great start to the year for done with the títulor, while Verstappen, who went on to win 6 consecutive races, lost ground to the end of the season and finished third, surpassed by Tom Blomqvist, current driver of BMW in the DTM.

however, it was Verstappen who ended up almost immediately to Formula 1 of the hand of Toro Rosso, while the way of Ocon, captured that year by Mercedes, has led him by a route more patient. After the success of Verstappen this season in the Red Bull, there are many who expect a reissue of those duels in Formula 1, including their own Ocon, remember your rivalry 2014, while acknowledging the skills of Verstappen.

“During that season, we do not habláwe were to each other, and at times it seemed that we odiábamos, but after the season we forgive and forget. You are doing a great job, I never doubted that you would. deserves It. That Max is doing so well now is good for the young riders. It means that we could have more opportunities in Formula 1, because it shows that the age does not matter”.