Esteban Ocon will replace Rio Haryanto Manor from the GP of Belgium

Esteban OconRio Haryanto managed to get to the Manor this year, thanks to a grant from the government of his country, in spite of such sponsorship, the team were not too happy with the pilot and the rumors were not good. In fact, they already announced that if he couldn’t find a few million, Haryanto would not be sitting on the computer. Everything seemed calm and it was supposed that he had gotten that money to keep the steering wheel, but it seems that has not contetnado of all the team.

Now Esteban Ocon will sit on the site of Haryanto from the GP of Belgium and the pilot, indonesian will be placed as a reserve driver of the team from now on. Therefore, it is a hard stick for the young rider and his fans, but great news for Mercedes and fans of Ocon, as well as for the own Ocon. Mercedes positions itself to his two proteges, Ocon and Wehrlein, in the motorized equipment with Mercedes to get the experience thinking about their future.

Rio HaryantoEsteban Ocon climbs up to F1 with his 19 years and the team has been really pleased in the official announcements and announce that s equedará until the end of the season. The next year we do not know if they will continue, but everything seems to indicate that the answer is yes. What is sure, is that Oco nse will rise in the Spa to continue the upward trend that is carrying the team Manor, getting the first points since his re-naming with the new name, without undermining the work of the eternal Jules Bianchi.

Toto Wolff has also been shown to be very satisfied with the opportunity that will allow an assessment of the talent of Ocon to decide in the future to the team of the star. But it is not the only one interested, also Cyril Abiteboul has shown to be happy because it will be able to compare with a partner of the stature of Wehrlein and assess the pilot for the future of Renault. Remember that Ocon is collaborating with Renault and Mercedes in the present…