Euro 2016: the teams are represented by their cars

Starts the Euro 2016. The soccer stars have always proven to be become enthusiastic of the car and now it’s up to these be in support of their national teams. Carwow has created a selection of ten football teams represented also by vehicles defend the flag of his country, Spain being one of them.

SEAT Leon Cupra 290 and Spain

This list could not begin otherwise than with the car English most potent of the story of our country. The Leon Cupra 290 defend to layer and sword to our Spanish team after having held the record for the front-wheel-drive faster Nürburgring.


Mercedes-AMG GT-R and Germany

Today we have known several teasers of the coupe that will be presented in Googwood with V8 engine tight to approach dangerously close to the 600 HP power, less weight and aerodynamic improvements. However the German team as much as with the most radical of the Mercedes-AMG GT as one of his followers firmer.


Skoda Kodiaq and The Czech Republic

The Skoda Kodiaq also is well ahead of its presentation to accompany his selection in the biggest event futbolistico of Europe. We will already have offered a recreation of this new SUV Czech, but till its debut we cannot confirm your final appearance.


Bugatti Chiron and France

Without a doubt, the launch of the Bugatti Chiron has been one of the events most talked-about in the world of the engine of the last few years. A sport that involves maximum expression in terms of luxury, performance and ostentation that accompanies the French team.


DeLorean DMC-12 and Ireland

This vehicle is so iconic that we will soon see the birth of new had its place of origin in Ireland, a country from where I used to assemble in those 80 years. A vehicle that is beyond the time and space both in real life as in the movies that made him famous again for supporting your country.


Ferrari LaFerrari and Italy

The italians have chosen the product the star of one of its manufacturers, the most emblematic. The Prancing horse you could not miss this event and it brings to you his latest work of art on wheels: the Ferrari LaFerrari, which also shows in your body without roof called the Spider in advance of the new future hiperdeportivo hybrid.


Dacia Duster and Romania

Not all were going to be vehicles of high performance and/or huge amounts of money. The Dacia Duster in an SUV modesto manufactured in Romania which has managed to captivate all the world, thanks to its excellent relationship between quality and price, the latter being your claim more attractive.


Jaguar F-Type SVR Cabrio and England

The roadster English is one of the modern vehicles, most beautiful that exist today. The most radical so-called Jaguar F-Type SVR with powerful engine of eight cylinders in V 575 CV already has the pleasure of being among the ranks of support for your team.


Koenigsegg One;1, and Sweden

The Koenigsegg One;1 is a vehicle as unique as its name. A sporty swede who has been able to challenge the very Bugatti Veyron on numerous occasions outburst world record for top speed. On this occasion, has not wanted to miss the event, especially after learning that Chiron and the LaFerrari will be join to the party.


Lada Riva and Russia

The Duster was not going to be the only vehicle modest of the group. The Lada Riva is an icon within their country, although it is closely related to the FIAT 124, where he has been making war for years. As it can not be otherwise, also will be giving all their support to the Russian team.