EuroNCAP deals good notes to the Q2, Ioniq and Edge

Prueba Audi Q2

EuroNCAP is still doing its job to certify the safety of the cars sold in the European Union. The agency has been responsible for test on this occasion the Audi Q2, Hyundai Ioniq, Ford Edge, Suziki Ignis and the SsangYong Tivoli and XLV. After these tests I can say that all have taken very good notes, though as it is logical there are always better candidates than others.

Before reviewing the results I want to remind you that the scoring system is double. EuroNCAP allows brands to submit their crash testing two different versions of each model. A would be input with a standard normal and the other with all the driving aids you have available. For this reason few models are able to get several stars depending on the equipment that you had when it was tested though, to make it clear that are no less safe.

The first thing that we bring is the Audi Q2. The small the whole way of the German firm has managed to achieve the five stars with a score of 93 per cent protection to the adults. In terms of child protection has achieved an 86 per cent and 70 per cent protection in terms of systems of driving assistance and protection to pedestrians in case of collision.

The Hyundai Ioniq a car is very important, for all that it represents for the firm, in the market. In security matters the firm has done more than well by how has taken out its five stars without despeniarse. In the protection of adults has been able to obtain a 91 percent protection. In terms of the security that it provides to infants has reached 8o percent. Pedestrians also come out well prepared as it has obtained a 70 per cent protection in the event of collision. Finally, in terms of systems of assistance to the driving has achieved an 82 per cent.

The third model tested has been Ford Edge. The whole big path of the signing of the oval has also managed to get its five-star. To do this it has reached 85 per cent in the protection of adults and 76 percent in child protection. In regard to the protection of pedestrians in case of impact, have obtained a note more discreet but equally remarkable with a 67 per cent. To finish in terms of devices and attendees of the driving has reached 89 percent.

To finish, we’ll talk about the Suzuki Ignis and SsangYong Tivoli and XLV. The small urban japanese has been awarded three stars if you mount the equipment series and five in the case of mounting the package for extra security. The same case can be applied in the two the whole way of the signature south Korean. If you mounted the equipment of standard series manage to get three stars, but if you mounted the security package it manage to climb up to the four.

Source – EuroNCAP