EuroNCAP evaluated the safety of the Citroen C3, Audi Q5 or Ford Ka+ (and more)

Citroën C3 EuroNCAP

independent european agency that evaluates the safety of cars that are sold in our continent, EuroNCAP, has decided to make another batch of crash test. On this occasion the studied models include nearly all segments of the market, as we find from micro-urban to large SUV.

The brands and models that have been selected to pass his hard tests are the following: the new generation Audi Q5, the new Citroen C3, Fiat 500, Ford Ka+, Land Rover Discovery and the SUV hybrid Toyota CH-R. All the models that have been tested are the last who are selling and therefore security systems should be to the last.

Audi Q5 EuroNCAP

The first that has passed through the walls of the crash has been the whole way of luxury Audi. The new generation of the Q5 has not cheated the signing of the four rings in terms of the score received. Has achieved the five stars thanks to that has earned a 93 percent on the protection of adults and 86 percent for infants. In case of the violation of pedestrians the model of Audi, has achieved a 73 percent and the aspect that has shone through has been the of attendees and driving aids with a scraping of 58 percent.

Citroën C3 EuroNCAP

The second model that has passed through the hands of the engineers EuroNCAP has been the latest generation of the urban Model. The C3 has obtained a rating of four stars. In this case the score that you have obtained the model of the Vehicle has been of the following form. In occupant protection adults have achieved a good 88 per cent and in the protection of children a relevant 83 percent. In the section of protection to the pedestrian in case of collision, the French street has achieved a modest 59 per cent and to conclude on the issues of aids and assistants to the driving has obtained a modest 58 percent.

Fiat 500 EuroNCAP

Fiat with its 500 – has been the third signature that has passed the crash test. The micro urban Italian has achieved a total score of three stars. These a priori might seem few, but there are take into account your size and that is a car that was developed about 10 years ago. Therefore the tests of EuroNCAP have been hardened in terms of attendees driving, and technological elements that, for now, the 500 may not incorporate.

This score has been dealt in the following way. Has obtained 66 percent in terms of occupant protection adults and 49 per cent to children. In regard to the protection of pedestrians in case of collision, has achieved a 53 per cent. The lowest point has been one of the driving aids that has had to be satisfied with a 27 per cent, although surely this will change with the next generation.

Ford Ka+ EuroNCAP

Ford with their Ka+, being a model of recent conception, has achieved the same final score that the veteran Fiat 500. The three stars of the urban low cost of the u.s. firm dealt in the following way. 73 percent and 61 percent in the protection of adults and children, respectively. In terms of protection of pedestrians in case of collision, has achieved a 57 per cent. The point where more has flojeado is in the driving aids since it has achieved a 29 percent do not take them into account.

Land Rover Discovery EuroNCAP

The fifth model that has passed the crash tests EuroNCAP has been the latest generation of the Land Rover Discovery. The large SUV of the English firm has achieved the highest rating (five stars) after obtaining a 90 percent protection for adults and 80 percent for child protection. In the case of the pedestrian protection, the vehicle English has obtained a more than good 75 percent and assistants, and driving aids has achieved a remarkable 73 percent.

Toyota C-HR EuroNCAP

To finish with this round of testing, EuroNCAP under the new CH-R Toyota. The SUV hybrid of the japanese firm, like the Land Rover, has obtained the maximum score, with five stars. The scores have been distributed with a 95 percent protection in adult occupant (the best of the batch) and a 77 percent in child protection. For pedestrian protection, for very little has exceeded the Discovery, has achieved a 76 per cent. To finish, the score in terms of attendees and driving aids has been a 78 percent.

Source – EuroNCAP

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