EuroNCAP makes a list of the safer cars of 2016

Toyota Prius EuroNCAP

If there’s something that we like to human beings is to make lists and rankings of all that is to be able to enumerate. In the automotive sector, the most normal are the sales and segments that increased market share of copan in the world. However, there are also rankings that deal with other topics. EuroNCAP, the agency dedicated to testing the safety of cars circulating in Europe, also likes to do his own and in this case are about the cars more secure or insecure than we can buy them in our environment.

In this case, once we are getting close to the end of the year the consortium specialist in safety has decided to publish a list with the cars that we recommend buying. To do this it has pulled the list of the models that best notes have been taken out and in base to these results has drawn up a list of the safest. On the opposite side of the autonomous body has not released a list of the most unsafe, but just take a look at their web to know which is the score that has lifted the car in which we are interested.

Hyundai Ioniq EuroNCAP

According to EuroNCAP the model family insurance that you can buy in Europe is the Toyota Prius fourth generation. This saloon hybrid manages to be in a very good position and will rise with this mention. Their data, endorses him as the crash test earned the 92 percent for protection of adult occupant, 82 percent for child safety, 77 per cent for pedestrian protection and 85 per cent for its technology of security assistance.

second car insurance we recommend that this agency is another hybrid. The Hyundai Ioniq obtained 91 per cent for adult safety, 80 per cent for child protection, 70 per cent for pedestrian protection and 82 per cent for its attendees to the driving. This model achieves imposed on references of the market as Volkswagen Golf and at the same time manages to achieve a milestone for the brand, to be positioned at the same height as Toyota.

The third car that we recommend as a is safer a SUV. The Volkswagen Tiguan managed to get a 96 per cent for the protection of adults, 84 percent for child protection, 72 per cent for pedestrian protection and 68 percent by its support for the driving. We are surprised that you have chosen an SUV as a vehicle safer, but if your results are this is that it will be.

finally, many congratulations to the other models and brands who have passed through its tests, but the three that achieved the title are already well placed. Another year there will be more luck.

Source – EuroNCAP

Toyota Prius

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