Europe calls for more safety equipment in new cars


systems autonomous emergency braking are more about come standard on any new car in Europe.

According to information filtered by the average british coach, the European Commission is currently discussing and studying a new memorandum in which it highlights, among other points, to force the car manufacturers to incorporate of series in their new cars up to 19 security systems. The vast majority of them are already well known by all of us although the vast majority of brands are offered optionally, or in the finishes more equipped.

in order to reduce the fatalities on the road below the 15,000 deaths per year of face to the year 2020, the European Commission can encourage the manufacturers who want to sell their new cars in Europe to improve the safety equipment of series with, among other technologies, a system autonomous emergency braking or the warning lane departure.

During the past year, 2015 on the european roads, there were a total of 26.120 victims. If we look back, we see that it has been reducing this figure considerably since, for example, in the year 1990 the number of deaths at european level in traffic crashes amounted to 76.650 respectively. However, we have reached a point at which the number of deaths descend, but each time more slowly.


The detection of pedestrians and cyclist in the city is also another security system to which the European Commission is considering to implement.

Many of the technologies that would be in this report if we could take a look make references to systems of driving assistance. According to the european legislation, buses and other heavy vehicles already equipped in a manner obliged to leave the factory some of these systems, therefore, it was expected that sooner or later was moved to the passenger cars or suvs.

on the other hand, this report also points out that, because of the huge boom that are taking the SUV, he should act accordingly to adapt the safety regulations to these vehicles with a higher center of gravity, higher masses and frontal more prominent.

Another of the proposals studied by the EC is that new cars incorporate some brake lights that blink when it is performing an emergency braking or alerts and control to prevent the driver to fall asleep at the wheel. This is the first time that the European Commission considers forcing manufacturers to equip serial driving aids of this nature as well as systems of autonomous functioning.