Europe: The 500 is the best-selling segment A so far this year


Fiat maintained leadership in Europe between products segment A, managing to place the 500 and Panda in first and second place respectively


Fiat-500 F iat premiered restyling of 500 a few weeks ago, which surely will not make more than improve sales levels , which so far this year placed him as vehicle segment A best seller in Europe .

From the hand of the Italian economic recovery, an increase in European sales in this segment is expected, which last year had suffered a decline of 32% in the region. But predictions indicate that 1.2 million units will be sold within that segment, the pace of increase in sales in Italy in 2015.

Fiat dominates not only in Europe with the Fiat 500, but in second place achieved by Panda , a product that manages to get almost 30 thousand units ahead of the Volkswagen Up! , which lies in third place in the ranking among the most sold A-segment in Europe.

unattainable for now Fiat 500 in Europe in the segment A.

But the 500 is now unattainable, since with its more than 80 billion accumulated so far this year units, not only is located at the first position, but manages almost overcome the trio formed by the triplets [1945901million] Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 , which have a combined turnover of more than 97 000 units. This is a series of products created through an agreement between PSA / Peugeot-Citroen and Toyota produced in Kolin plant in the Czech Republic.


Fiat 500 80 318
Fiat Panda 76 072
Volkswagen Up! 46 422
Renault Twingo 42 417
Hyundai i10 38,212
Toyota Aygo 37,946
Peugeot 108 31 322
Citroen C1 28,294
Opel Adam / Adam Vauxhal 24,984
Smart ForTwo 23,816

Fiat-Panda For its part, Renault has achieved increase sales of Twingo by 39% , thanks to the new generation model introduced in recently, product According to Daimler seal, an association that also gave birth to new Smart ForTwo and Smart ForFour.

With its more refined form, the Twingo achieved an improvement that is already reflected in sales, which allowed Renault in fourth place in the ranking of the segment, with more than 40 000 units sold in 2015 and close to snatch the third position Volkswagen up! .

Like the Aygo, 108, C1, Twingo and Smart, the Volkswagen Up! his brothers also sold under other brands. However Škoda Citigo and Seat Mii not seem to be propping up sales model, since alone has a right sales performance Up! . All three are produced in the same plant as the Volkswagen Group has in Slovakia.

By now Fiat 500 seems unstoppable and is expected to gain new momentum even after the arrival of its recent facelift.


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