Europe: The Ford EcoSport MY2015 said goodbye to the spare tire hanging


Ford-EcoSport-MY2015 S hile already known by the spy photos taken prototypes performed dailies in Europe, finally renovated Ford EcoSport became official after passing through the Geneva Motor Show .

With great problems in his novel sales in the European market, Ford reacted to improve one of the points most criticized by the public, as was the spare wheel hanging on the tailgate and add new variant simplest and accessible equipment to try to revive sales of a product that is well below forecasts.

Ford improved finishes and equipment of the EcoSport, while adding new accessible to attempt to improve sales in Europe versions.

But not only changed the spare tire, but added some new alloy wheels in black , available at EcoSport S , a version sports court with us body painted blue Deep Impact roof and mirror caps painted in black color without barrales on the roof, mirror caps, rear diffuser and tinted glass.

Inside the EcoSport MY2015 has some subtle improvements as a redesigned instrument panel with chrome frame, light attenuation function, and some new chrome switches. Also thicker soundproofing materials in the doors and dashboard and improved sealing pedals were added.

As for equipment, Ford has introduced a package that includes heated windshield, heated mirrors and heated front seats. The EcoSport will also be available in Europe later this year with a navigation system and rear view camera .

The driving dynamics the EcoSport was also served with a new rear torsion beam and the springs and dampers, with clearance has been lowered by 10 millimeters and stability control systems and optimized for improved dynamic performance electric power steering.

The thrusters were updated as the rules Euro 6.1 . The amendments also allowed the diesel propulsion earn 5 horses, while torque was improved thanks to the changes made on the transmission.


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