European customers of Volkswagen affected by the Dieselgate they feel slighted

Volkswagen Beetle TDISince in September the scandal Dieselgate for misrepresenting the emissions of NOx in TDI engines out in the light, we have seen the way of acting of Volkswagen in the united States and Europe is still very different. Of entry, shortly after uncover the scandal, the German brand has offered to the affected american $ 1,000 bonus, as an “act of good faith”.

Eight months later, it has been known that Volkswagen already knows how to tackle part of the problem and will offer to repurchase and the cancellation of contracts leasing to customers in the united States, as an alternative to the repair of the vehicle. From Europe many voices have been raised criticizing the way of Volkswagen, which is making a distinction is quite marked between the consumers of each side of the Atlantic, making it feel to customers in europe that are “second-class citizens”.

Volkswagen Passat TDI Clean Dieselglobally there are more than 11 million cars with TDI engines souped-up, while in the United States, the figure of the 2.0 TDI that is eligible for the repurchase plan affects 482.000 customers. It is clear that if Volkswagen offered that option to all those affected, may be immersed in a genuine economic problem, and with hundreds of thousands or millions of cars on its power.

evil tongues Say that Volkswagen has proposed this alternative as a solution in the united States, faced with the impossibility or difficulty of finding a solution to the problem of NOx emissions. On the other side of the Atlantic emission regulations are more stringent and the solution proposed for Europe is not valid. Volkswagen has already received more than an extension of time to present the solution to the problem of the engines, and we are still waiting.

Pieza solución motor 1.6 TDI EA189 Volkswagen

The solution presented in Europe is not valid in the united States

To Europe has not offered any type of compensation, beyond a few calls to review that are running slowly and that still leaves a lot of uncertainty to many customers to know when it will be corrected for the irregularities of their cars. Traditionally, the chances of success in the face of pressure and the complaints consumers have had better results in lawsuits in the united States than in Europe.

there Are many cases in which some manufacturers, especially in the face of manufacturing defects, have had to to indemnify their customers in the united States, while in Europe nothing has happened and many consumers have had to pay out of pocket for expensive repairs.

To these allegations of favoritism, Volkswagen has responded by saying that in order to do this, the customer is always the key and that you are taking into account to every one of its customers. Is supported in the circumstances a more complex market (in terms of regulations, anti-pollution) american to justify these actions. This just fans the rumors of the impossibility of giving with the solution to the problem of the TDI souped-up.

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