Evans looks in Kalle Rovanpera the Verstappen of the WRC


A nice duel in the Memorial Bettega has been enough for Elfyn Evans to recognize the diamond in the rough that is Kalle Rovanpera. The promising young Finnish is on the radar of manufacturers in the WRC and some already consider you as Max Verstappen of the WRC, although its premiere on the stages of the World Rally must wait, as only sixteen-year-old. All in all, the Champion British Rally Elfyn Evans claims that Kalle Rovanpera is already fast enough to compete in the World and as demonstrated in the Bologna Motor Show at the wheel of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

During this event, Evans and Kalle Rovanpera competed in the final of the Memorial Bettega at the wheel of two Ford Fiesta RS WRC, grief that won the Elfyn with troubles despite his experience in the WRC: “To be fair, I can’t say that I was impressed by his performance in the final, but his level from the first round of heating, where I think it was the more rapid. I don’t think that is a secret that has driven a lot, but even so, for driving a World Rally Car at the age of 16 years as it has done there is that you have a lot of talent“.

The son of Harri Rovanpera, official driver of Seat, Peugeot, Mitsubishi or Skoda in the WRC, has as main problem, according to Elfyn Evans to find a gap to compete, given their age, as in the majority of countries can’t compete. All in all, Kalle Rovanpera is already Champion of Latvia and has even tested the Toyota Yaris WRC at the invitation of Tommi Mäkinen: “she Is too young to compete in the majority of countries, so your challenge is to get experience and get out of the places that is known, as are Finland and Latvia. there is No doubt that he is ready to compete in the WRC“.