Even if your car park alone, you will remain responsible for any problem

The technologies driving assistance are becoming more common and widespread in the industry. Who would tell us 10 years ago that we don’t miss driving a car with park assist, warning vehicle at a standstill or braking automatically in the event of an emergency? These technologies pose a challenge for regulatory agencies, since they have advanced much faster than the current regulations. DGT wet, and regulates our relationship with the car park self-contained. Who is responsible in case of problems?

The new BMW 7 Series parking by itself, and you can park the car from the exterior, by means of its advanced key.

Imagine the situation. We are in the years of 2020, and it circulates down the street with your Nissan Qashqai of the third generation. The parking attendant found a hole in the street. Since park a completely autonomous, you collect your things, and sending a WhatsApp to your partner, telling you that you’ve already come. And suddenly, you hear a knock on the back of your car: the wizard is not stopping in time because their sensors were dirty and did not calculate correctly the distance with the other car. who is To blame? Yours.

carne-sin-aparcar-12Not worth putting the blame on the other vehicle or the car manufacturer whose technology is autonomous has failed. The DGT just to be very clear in their latest press release, which also regulates the parking autonomous from the exterior of the car. Currently, the BMW 7-Series now allows us to perform the maneuver of parking, lowered car, from a smart key that looks more like a smartphone than an old key. From traffic, to communicate to us that , you can’t be more than 4 meters distance from the vehicle in this maneuver.

I Imagine they want to avoid problems with wireless transmission of data and instructions, as well as to closely monitor the absence of problems and possible faults of a technology which at all times requires human oversight. Also, this maneuver parking self should be to a maximum speed of 5 km/h and is required to maintain a maximum distance of 15 meters between the start section and end of the maneuver. In this way, Traffic is carried to the mass introduction to the market of these systems.

bmw-gesture-control-parking-07Today, the majority of attendees parking pilot take control of the direction, but require that we handle the forward and backward of the vehicle by using the pedals.

Source: DGT
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