Even more wild! Audi RS3 430 hp thanks to ABT

ABT he has done. It has adopted in her womb the Audi A3 more performance we know, the Audi RS3 clear and has taken a considerable step further bearing in mind that the point departure was already if substantial enough. 367 horses that have sprouted to offer an Audi RS3 of 430 horses .

The new Audi RS3 has a price of 59,860 euros in Spain.

ABT we are accustomed to very modest cosmetic changes. A spoiler lip type here, a brief front splitter there … this time the aesthetically discretion is absolute only giving us a new set of tires on 19-inch , with tires in sizes 235 / 35 while in his cabin some new thresholds for doors and lit a mouse appear.

A shy aesthetic development that complements the mechanical with the arrival of new software for your PBX able to raise the 5 Original cylinders from 367 horses to a new 430 horses which makes this Audi RS3 a totally disproportionate compact high-flying.

While his power grows so does your pair, from the original 455 Nm to new 530 Nm . Of course this is also reflected in a new prestsaciones, meeting with a 0 to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds and top speed is now of 285 km / h .

As icing on cake for such ABT proposes a new exhaust system , if consistent with the original spicy backfire compact Ingolstadt was not enough.

To learn more about the new Audi RS3

You can learn more details of the new Audi RS3 in the article “Audi RS3 Sportback 2015: 367 horses, a new roof for the sport compact”.

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