Even more wild! BMW M3 and M4 Competition Package: a better start-point and 450 hp

A secret. We knew that BMW was preparing, I had it in the oven, a BMW M3 even more prestacional than the original model, a BMW M4 more sports, without reaching the limits of the BMW M4 GTS. Today the forecasts are met and the alternatives more performance of the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 4 Series come to a new level. It’s time to know the new BMW M3 Competition Package, the new BMW M4 Competition Package, what offers us this version?

More power, but also improvements in their part cycle:

Thanks to this performance package the 0 to 100 km/h is reduced by 1 seconds. L aberlina and the coupe is worth only 4 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

BMW has increased the power of the BMW M3, BMW M4, both in its coupe version as in the variant cabrio. An increase of power that has led to the supercharged block 6 cylinders, 3 liters of cubicaje, from the 431 original horse up to the 450 horses, keeping intact its pair in a huge 550 Nm.

But… does the Competition Package “only” includes 19 horses more? Quiet, there’s more.

BMW has taken the evolution of this Competition Package to enter a suspension adaptive M revised, with new springs and shock absorbers. The stabilizer bars are also new invoice and the differential M active, of series, has been revised to offer improved dynamics.

in Addition, BMW has included the alloy wheels of 20 inches employed in the BMW M4 GTS. No, I No longer have those orange accents, by luck, thus leaving us with a design multiradio more attractive that is accompanied by a few tires in measures 265/30 in the front and 285/30 in the rear end.

Will be available both with manual gearbox as automatic change.

the icing on The cake is in the hands of a few new sports seats, giving an extra wink of exclusivity to this version with a few safety belts to get a few seams with the colors of BMW M.

When do we will see in the streets with the BMW M3/M4 Competition Package?What price will it have?

BMW for now has not announced the price of this improvement but it has indicated that it will be available from the next spring.

Recall that the BMW M3 has a starting price of 89.950 euros, while the BMW M4 Coupe and BMW M4 Convertible makes it’s own from 92.100 € and 102.100 euros respectively.


Gallery of images of the BMW M4 Competition Package: