Everything about the divorce of MV Agusta and Mercedes, the odd couple


MV Agusta F3 800 AMG.

more than a year Ago that we knew that was going to happen, the Group Daimler is finally released of the shareholders of MV Agusta, a company of which possessed 25 percent from three years ago. A strange financial move that seemed to be the response of Mercedes to the purchase of Ducati by Audi, since it did not seem to obey any other purpose industrial or commercial.

despite the fact that, after the acquisition of the fourth part of MV Agusta, a brand of little volume and is exclusively dedicated to sports products in a very few segments, it was to speculate with a closer collaboration between the two brands at the commercial level, sharing the space in some dealers of the Group Daimler, the truth is that there was not more collaboration than any special edition with the name of AMG, as the F3 AMG that appears in the images along with the Mercedes-AMG GT. Of rest, or at least knew, there was more collaboration between the two companies. Mercedes it was believed that he really wanted a higher percentage in the company, however, this not only did not happen, but that seems to have been the source of all problems.

Was the president of MV Agusta, Giovanni Castiglioni, who surprised everyone last summer when he said publicly that wanted to take back control of the 25 per cent of the shares in the possession of Daimler, for which, I was already negotiating with several investors.


MV Agusta F4 750, the model that resurrected the brand in 1999.

These statements came at a very delicate time for the company of Varese, because despite having recently launched its first new model in years, the Turismo Veloce 800 (the first sport-tourism of the firm) was in a time of economic very complex, after a complex restructuring and redimesionamiento of their operations to low, in addition to the problems with some suppliers threatening to stop the chain of production (which came to a stop a few days) and with a bank debt of several tens of million euros guaranteed precisely because of the permanence of Daimler in the register of shareholders of the company. One of the clauses signed allowed the banks to be able to run the debt in the event that Daimler had a rate lower than the 20 percent.

so the output of the Daimler brand of Varese is not casual, or precipitated. The family Castiglioni, owners of the firm, have sealed an agreement with ComSar Invest, an investment group that the business belongs to the Black Ocean Group, led by Timur Sardarov, an entrepreneur of Russian origin with interests in gas and oil.

the amount of The amounts agreed upon has not been declared, but in addition to the purchase of the 25 percent belonging to Daimler (which in its day cost 40 million euros) has been carried out a capital increase, so that now the percentage complete of the brand (MV Agusta Motor S. p. A ) will be the property of MV Agusta Holding company. Of this last GC Holding (Giovani Castiglioni) will be the majority shareholder and therefore will have full control of the company, and ComSar Invest will be the holder of a minority interest.


MV Agusta by Zagato, the deeper collaboration of the brand with the automotive world.

as for the future of the company, the little that we know for sure is that in the table design are still the successors of the models more veterans of the brand, such as the F4, that despite the availability of numerous versions and special editions during these years, carries no changes of consideration from which was introduced the F4 750 in 1999, designed by the great Tamburini. In addition to this, we also find the range naked, which suffers from the passage of time.

The past year Castiglioni stated that had in project to expand into other segments, naming the success of Ducati with its latest product lines in segments traditionally alien to them, but for the moment, to say anything would be to go into the land of speculation.