Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3


Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk had everything thought out for more than a decade. In the official blog of Tesla wrote in October 2006 the details of your Master Plan part 1, in which he stated that his goal was to produce cars-electric and affordable, as a way to accelerate the transition from an economy based on the extraction and burning of hydrocarbons, to an economy based on the electricity obtained from the solar energy.

And to get to the point in which their cars were affordable, I had to start necessarily from the high part of the market, where consumers are willing to pay large sums of money in exchange for exclusivity and benefits, and recover the huge amounts invested in developing a new car. There is where you have room for the Tesla Roadster, a sporty two-seater accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, occurred between 2008 and 2012, and whose base price was $ 110,000.


This is the Tesla Roadster

As stated by Musk in his Master Plan, all of the money generated by the sales of the Roadster would be directly reinvested in R & D to develop the next vehicle Tesla: the Model S, which cost approximately half in its base version. And con sales of the Model S, in turn, would fund the development of a car even cheaper, the Tesla Model 3.

The case is that at some point in this whole story Tesla decided to deviate slightly from the initial plan of Musk, and add the Model X, which is somewhat more expensive than a Model S. But in the end the approach is the same: innovation and the development of a new product like an electric car you need huge amounts of money.

that is why the strategy has to start at the top, with cars very exclusive and elitist to the extent of a few to quickly recover the initial investment, and immediately reinvest all the money in continuing to develop the next car, which will come as something less expensive. As has been said Elon Musk on more than one occasion, the Tesla Model 3 will be a reality thanks to the pioneers who have opted for the Roadster, the Model S and the Model X.

So we come to the key date of 31 march 2016, at which time Tesla introduced the Model 3, a sedan smaller than the Model S, designed to compete with cars like the Audi A4 or the BMW 3 series.

If, Saul, if that is all very well, but I want to know is how is the car, its power, its autonomy, such things. Oh, and how much it costs, clear.”

okay, I’m going to the point: Tesla promises in all versions of the Model 3 an autonomy minimum of 345 km per charge, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds hardware auto-pilot and access to Superchargers.

Already, but what are the benefits exact of each version? How many horses will each, how much capacity each battery, what maximum speed will reach? And above all, what prices will be? We do not account many of the details…

Is that Tesla still hasn’t revealed. For the moment, only has presented a prototype and has announced that I have listed. We don’t know anything more at the moment.

Specifications provisional Tesla Model 3
maximum Autonomy 345 km
0 to 100 km/h < 6 seconds
Squares 5 adults
Security 5-star Euroncap
Hardware auto-pilot Yes
Access Supercargadores Yes

Walks already, but if I have a neighbor who says that he has already ordered their Model 3, how are you going to have order if you do not yet know those details?

you’ll See, is that Tesla is a brand with a somewhat peculiar. In fact, it is not only an auto manufacturer, let’s say that it is rather a technology company, which manufactures cars, solar panels, and batteries. And it makes things quite differently.

For example, has no dealers. Only has a network of own stores, which basically make point of information for anyone who wants to buy their products, because when it comes time to buy a car to order what you have to do on the Internet. purchases directly to the brand. Do not purchase from a dealership, and this implies that or there are discounts, or promotional campaigns. The price you see Online is the price you pay, there are no deals.

And what saith thy neighbor is not exactly the order, but have a reservation. When Tesla unveiled the Model 3 put in place a purchasing system based on reservations which, for the€ 1,000 non-refundable, you asegurabas be able to configure your car the first. And this is what has made thy neighbor: you have released 1000€ to be able to configure your Model 3 Tesla is ready to produce the cars with destination to Europe, a thing that will not happen probably until mid-2018.


Photo spy of the Tesla Model 3

“¿And why has not been waited for is already in the shops, to see and to be able to try it before you decide if you want to buy?

As has probably been launched to make the reservation as soon for two reasons: one, that neighbor of yours is a pioneer. An uncle who is betting on a new technology when it is still complicated to use because it is a minority and the infrastructure needed for its use (charging points, public services, etc) is very limited. And two, because you want to go ahead of the others. If it is expected that the Model 3 comes to Europe to shops Tesla to make the order, will probably not be able to taste your car until mid-2019. Tesla has already confirmed that it has the whole production of a year sold!

Alucino in color. You telling Me that the 400,000 bookings which have Tesla for the Model 3 are not firm orders with delivery time? Do you want to say that people have booked and paid 1000€ without knowing how it’s going to be the car or when is it going to deliver?

So it is. There are in fact people, among whom I find myself, who made the reservation of the Model 3, a day before the official presentation. That is to say, they paid 1000€ and reserved a Model 3 without even seeing a picture of the prototype. Call us crazy, or visionaries, as you prefer…

any way, today has already passed more than a year since the submission and already know many more things, in addition to already have a multitude of photos and videos of the prototypes, so that we can get a much better idea of how it’s going to be the car, hoping to be able to have it in the shops to see him and touch him, and above all, try it out.


Detail of the front of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3, production and delivery

to cope with its 400,000 reserves with a current production capacity of around 100,000 cars a year, Tesla has decided to put in place a delivery system something peculiar. The first units that manufacture of the Model 3 will be delivered from July of this same year to the employees of Tesla and SpaceX who made reservation. Once delivered, these vehicles will begin to address the reservations of the general public who is a resident of California and the west coast of the united States. In addition, within the general public, preference will be given to set up and close the firm order with the current owners of a Tesla, the Roadster, a Model S or a Model X.

Clear that this in itself may take several months, since the initial capacity is estimated at around 1,000 units a week, a production which will increase gradually to reach 5,000 units weekly to the end of 2017. Tesla has launched a ambitious programme of expansion of its manufacturing capacity of vehicles that will take you progressively from 100,000 units per year today to 500,000 cars annually by 2020.

Thus, once delivered the Tesla Model 3, of employees and of the west coast of the united States, Tesla will be processing the reservations of the States in the center of the country, and finally to the east coast. Only after you have started the production of these cars, will make the leap to Europe and begin to address the reservations of the old continent.


Tesla Model 3 caught during their testing

With this system that aims the brand is able to cater to the failures and errors of their first units produced as quickly and efficiently as possible, as they will be first to the employees, and then those who live closer to the factory in Fremont, California, which will receive its Model 3.

As you can see, today the production capacity of Tesla is still quite limited, and to optimize the process of fabricación and delivery of the vehicles seem to be setting up a system with which the orders of Model 3, which are delivered before you will choose a particular pack of options pre-configured, while the orders 100% custom will be attended to later, and will have a term delivery.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturer has announced that the settings with dual drive (two engines and four-wheel drive) will not be available at the start of the production, with the goal of simplifying the manufacturing processes and to optimize for both the pace of deliveries. It should be remembered that this same thing happened already with the Model S, whose first units were delivered in the united States at the end of 2012, and it was not until November of 2014 when we introduced the option dual drive.

Price Tesla Model 3 and the possible configurations

Much has been speculated to date about the different possible configurations that will provide us with Tesla in its Model 3, and even more about its possible price. But what is true is that since California does not release garment and we only know one thing: that the price of the Model 3 will start from $ 35,000 without aid. Oh, that is all that we know! The rest, I fear, are still to this day hypothesis and speculation.

of Course, one thing is that in the U.S., costing $ 35,000, and another in Europe comes out to £ 32,500, which would be the equivalent with the current exchange rate. At that price there will always be that to add, as a minimum, the transportation cost and the import: import duties, taxes, etc Probably the most basic model ends up costing europeans up to 40,000€, but will have to wait until next year to know for sure.


Come to US at a price of 35.000 USD approximately

external Look of the Tesla Model 3

instead, what we do have quite a bit of information is of the exterior appearance of the Model 3. There are a multitude of videos and photos over the Internet, thanks to the fact that Tesla has taught us without problems their prototype on several occasions.

What we can see in these photos is that the Model 3 is a sedan very similar to the Model S, but something smaller, which fits perfectly with the idea of Tesla making a model to compete with the BMW 3 series and the Audi A4.

But not compete with such models is going to be like. Let Me explain: there is a fundamental difference between the Model 3 and those two cars, and is the absence of engine explosion. When using a platform-type skateboard platform, called Tesla), with the battery between the axles and the motors mounted on each axis, that has made Tesla is to increase considerably the distance between the axes with respect to the other sedans in its category, as it requires almost no space in the nose of the car to the engine.

And the result of this is much most interior space for the occupants. You may get a better idea of what we are talking about, just see this photo in that it overlaps the silhouette of an Audi A4 on a Tesla Model 3.


Comparative visual Audi A4 and Tesla Model 3

the exterior Of the Model 3 I would like to highlight, in addition to the nice and eye-catching that is, his aerodynamic coefficient of 0.21. This is another key to the Model 3, as it will enable fuel consumption reduced circulating speeds of highway and freeway. The only way you can explain that Elon Musk promises to 345 km of autonomy with a battery lower than 60 kWh, and as it comes to concocting lies.

Inside the Tesla Model 3

In this section comes the great but of the Model 3. What was presented to us last year was an inside absolutely minimalist and spartan, with a screen of 15’ is placed in the center that looks like a PC monitor embedded to the finish. When we saw that inside, we all think “this will be a ” quick fix to the submission, as it will change later”.

, it seems not, they have no intention of changing anything. Either that, or Elon Musk is setting a trolleo of epic proportions to present something new last time and pillarnos you all with the step changed, because it has been repeated by active and passive that this will be the only screen of the Model 3. In fact, for a long time it has been speculating with the possibility of incorporating some kind of system HUD (Heads Up Display) with projection of a hologram in the driver’s field of vision, but again, the own Musk has ditched with a tweet all the speculation, stating that the Model 3 will not have a system HUD.


the interior of The Tesla Model 3 uncovered

however the same has been claimed on Twitter that the interior of the Model 3 “would make us feel like in a spaceship“, so that to know if finally there will be a surprise. But without a doubt, you have not, that interior will be a great disappointment for more than one.

Technologies and extras of the Tesla Model 3

Speaking of the extras, and the technology of the Model 3 leads us automatically to include the following words: driving autonomous. This car has been designed in Tesla by and for driving autonomous level 5. In that it is based Elon Musk, in fact, to argue that the Model 3 has only one central screen, as it says that it will be like to go in a taxi, where I almost never look at the information on the speedometer because you are carrying and the driving task does not fall on you.

To achieve the level 5 driving autonomous, where it is not necessary for nothing the driver’s intervention, the Model 3 probably will incorporate the same hardware as its bigger brothers Model S and Model X, with 8 cameras, sensors, and a radar equipment to which Tesla referred to as AP2.0 (by being the second evolution of the system in Autopilot).

finally, the Model 3 will have less extras and less frills technology that we have seen in the S and the X. Nothing of doors with system of automatic opening in the wing of a hawk, nothing handles that slide out automatically when you approach the car, nothing pijadas that are sensitive, increase the complexity in the production, and above all, expensive to the car. Nothing of all this because the Model 3 will be the “small” range and has to be able to from $ 35,000.

As a current customer of Tesla, what I hope the Model 3?

This is a very good question. In the beginning I wanted a Tesla Model S, but smaller, and with improvements in technology, both in terms of specials and functions of the computer system and autopilot, as entitlements. Come on, an evolution of the Model S, but with a few centimeters of less. Might as well change my Model S in 2014 to the 4 years of having it, with the arrival in Europe of the Model 3.

But it is not. Again the damned tweet feed Elon Musk reminded us all that the Model 3 would not represent nothing of all this, and that the Model S would still be the berlin representative of the californian brand. And if someone had doubts, even stated that, for example, the Model S would still be his personal car even after the arrival of the Model 3.

Knowing all the above, what I hope the Model 3 on a personal level and as a customer of Tesla is a smaller version of the Model S and less sophisticated. Now, that has its advantages, because in my opinion both motorcillo electric and both gadget in the Model S and X are the weak points and future sources of problems. If the Model 3 is more simple, it should also be more reliable, and that is a clear point in his favor.

A question that I do many of my followers on my YouTube channel is if I will change my Model S for the Model 3. And although today you do not have a definitive answer to that question, what is true is that it is quite likely that, by 2018, change my Model S 2014 and no autopilot for a Model 3, even at the expense of sacrificing the unlimited free access to Superchargers which is associated to my car, and we already know that you do not have the Model 3.

The reason for that change would be the following: I prefer a new car, brand new, although it is somewhat smaller, with all the latest technology (especially for the big improvement in security associated with the system autopilot), that a bigger one with 4 years old. Now, for that to happen that I have to convince the final product that put Tesla on the street this summer in California. If you don’t for whatever reason… long life to my Model S.


My dear Tesla Model S