Evil tongues say that there will be a Ford Focus RS500, rotor and (maybe) automatic

When Ford released the Sierra Cosworth in the mid 80’s, the needs of approval led them to produce a version of RS500. Most powerful and radical, in the style of the BMW M3 Evolution and Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evolution. Ford recovered the name RS500 in the Focus RS, second generation, probably the compact sports more maddening ever produced, with 350 HP and front wheel drive. Everything points to the current Ford Focus RS will get a version RS500 as the end of the party of the current generation.

Evil tongues say that the Ford Focus RS500 will be accompanied by tires, carbon fiber and a gearbox double clutch.

rumors Say that this Ford Focus RS500 does not focus on the potential of the engine. It is believed that the limit of the engine 2.3 EcoBoost has already been reached with the current Ford Focus RS. To maintain the reliability possibly could not get more than 25 HP additional. As it is believed, Ford will improve the dynamics of the Focus RS in a significant manner, and it will base of subjecting the compact to a slimming diet. In the first place, could mount wheels with carbon fibre, as they have already released the Ford GT and Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.

focus-rs-sergiorumors also point to body panels in carbon fiber and composite materials, as well as any window finished in Gorilla Glass, or glass-plastic origin. There is also talk of installation of a limited-slip front, but frankly I very much doubt your installation. Would add weight and complexity to the system Twinster GKN, in and of itself extremely effective. The rest of the tricks you already know: less equipment, insulation thinner, a lithium battery, b√°cquets…

finally, the rumor of all rumors. At the time, Ford said that it would not produce a Focus RS with an automatic gearbox. The client type of the Ford Focus RS demand a manual gearbox. However, if the demand is sufficient Ford could be considered to attach to the engine 2.3 EcoBoost a box PowerShift dual-clutch. The demand for the car has been more than good, and a box of double clutch could make a difference in a substantial way to the RS500 of his little brother. All of his rivals in power, the offer in option.

Source: Autoblog

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