EVO pits the Renault Mégane RS Trophy R with the Honda Civic Type-R

Renault held the throne of the best front wheel drive in Nürburgring, until SEAT, snatched the title with the more powerful Leon Cupra 280 Performance Pack. The response of Renault was radicalizing and lighten the Mégane RS, and so he resumed his position. When it seemed the result sentenced, came Honda with more raw power, and cut out the French 4 seconds on the green hell.

But, does that make the Civic Type-R faster in any circumstance? The testers of EVO have led both compact to an old aerodrome, where they have their test track, and I have faced in a plot more twisty. Here the Civic has less possibility of using the difference in power, and has more maneuverability and stability.

testers remind us that the Megane RS Trophy R used tires semi-slick, that must be very careful in the wet, while the Civic Type-R uses conventional tires, although high-end. After explaining each car separately, comes the ultimate test track. What is the faster of the two? The response, at the end of the video.