Evolve C30 Concept (2006): when the Volvo C30 was raised to the highest power

Was the distant year 2006. 10 years ago no one had heard of a financial crisis, and the world seemed to live a kind of ecstasy. The automotive world was in full swing, with a fever for the tuning never seen before. Advantage of the situation provided by the SEMA Show Las Vegas, Volvo and Evolve Cars Inc. presented the impressive Evolve C30 Concept. Based on the then new C30, is raised to the maximum power the performance of the car, with a wrapper as a little excessive.

The car was painted in a color BASF Glasurit Competition Yellow, with accents and details in graphite.

Commissioned by Volvo Car Corporation, the preparer is proposed to construct a C30 memorable. And there is that recognizing that what got. Much of his work was under the hood. out of the engine T5 as a base, a 2.5 inline five-cylinder and turbocharging. Replaced the turbo original by two huge turbines sequential, accompanied by an admission completely new and a curious system of intercooler, which used the engine coolant to reduce very drastically the intake temperature.

evolve-c30-concept-3The result of these tasks, plumbing was more than clear: the engine was going to develop 507 HP at 6100 rpm, accompanied by a dizzying peak torque of 634 Nm just 3,800 rpm. A solution curious was employed for his escape. The collector 5-in-1 would result in two outputs, rear exhaust, located on the outside of the optical rear of the car. We have never gone to see a similar solution. It was possible thanks to the radical widening the compact Swedish suffered at the hands of the preparer california.

The interior remained standard, with the exception of a roll cage functional.

factory, the Volvo C30 of departure was front-wheel-drive. To much power, it was necessary to have at least a all-wheel drive system. Spoke with Haldex – which already supplied thousands of drive systems total other Volvo – and I bought a system of all-wheel-drive smart, which was associated to a manual change of six relations, suitably reinforced. The creativity of Evolve Cars Inc. it was especially important with regard to the braking equipment. A true insanity, that the whole world was surprised.

evolve-c30-concept-8Developed a new system of clamps braking on the front axle, with a bite of nothing less than 14 piston. This huge clip covering half of the front disc brake, 386 mm in diameter. They had to design and fabricate about 100 new parts. Fortunately, the disc brake rear was embraced by simple six-piston calipers. The hand brake did use the disc brake front, unfolding as a system of launch control, allowing outputs flashing after the load of the turbos.

evolve-c30-concept-1The madness does not end there. The whole car was designed with a theme of Formula 1. It was tremendously enlarged, and in its front was installed a spoiler, variable angle, as in the rear, where it also highlighted a huge diffuser, fully functional. But undoubtedly the most striking are its massive rear tires. With a section 355 mm, are worthy of a Lamborghini Countach or a Formula 1, and were mounted on light-alloy wheels of 19 inches. Viva la discretion.

Source: SeriousWheels