Exclusive: all the details of the new BMW Z5


All the details of the BMW Z5

If you are interested in this new BMW Z5, we have news for you: on the basis that it is one of the most ambitious projects, which it now has the German brand, BMW has accelerated the development of this car, especially with the test of this model in the path north of Nurburgring, the hardest part of the whole circuit: your mission is to beat the Porsche 718 Boxster.

As we advance, the new BMW Z5 is a joint development with the also new Toyota Supra and share the platform CLAR, a base that will raise the technology of advanced materials to a much higher level than their immediate rivals. Aluminum in the chassis and suspension, magnesium components, carbon in the cell that form the passenger compartment, and steel of ultra high strength in the structure of the chassis and body panels of thermoplastic.

The properties of these elements reside in the resistance but also in lightness to provide, so that together with the canvas roof will allow the weight of the assembly in a vacuum press in a few 1.400 kilos.

The images you show do not reveal great details. Is more, we can appreciate a number of panels flanges shores throughout the body and have not been made at random; they have the intention not to reveal any detail of design. You just have to see developments from other models like the new BMW X4 which has been hunted recently, and the camouflage is much lower and you can see in the photo spies. What is hidden beneath these panels are details that are inherited from the concept Vision ConnectedDrive and 328 Hommage that have been combined in the style of this new Z5.


vanguard of the future BMW Z5

Looking in detail at the back almost that we can intuit a great resemblance to the current Z4, in the form of pilots or of the trunk lid. Also, looking at the front we can intuit the shape of the headlights that will be presented in a form not usual in any of the current products of BMW. The sharp cut of the front wings allow the optical groups are mounted in diagonal by joining each one of the kidneys in a more aggressive form.

Finally, there will be no variant Coupe

As you know, the planning of models by the brand is completely changing. Once you have explained that vary continuously in response to their competitors and also customers.

In the case of the new BMW Z5, a few months ago you told that this model would be a variant of the Coupé that would come about a year later the Roadster. Well, today we can tell you that the option of roof closed does not exist. And there will be no more corrections. The model of BMW will be a roadster (two-seater) and the Toyota a Coupe.

As the body features details that are reminiscent of the Z4, the interior of these prototypes do not mount your dash the final, but also with that of the current Z4 with some modifications, but we can tell you that, with respect to the current models of BMW, will be quite different, visual and technical, committed by controls of a minimalist.

The M version is still in the air

The new BMW Z5 will be available only with petrol versions and two thrusters with technology TwinPower Turbo: a four-cylinder and 2.0-liter versions sDrive20i and sDrive30i, and a six-cylinder in-line 3.0-liter for the more sporty M40i.

All versions will be rear-wheel drive and may be combined with a six-speed manual transmission or, optionally, with the gearbox 8-speed automatic Steptronic, standard with the more sporty Z5 M40i.

Range of engines of the BMW Z5

Model Fuel Traction Transmission
BMW Z5 sDrive20i Gasoline Rear Manual 6V.
BMW Z5 sDrive20i Steptronic Gasoline Rear Tue. 8V.
BMW Z5 sDrive30i Gasoline Rear Manual 6V.
BMW Z5 sDrive30i Steptronic Gasoline Rear Tue. 8V.
BMW Z5 M40i Steptronic Gasoline Rear Tue. 8V.

for The enthusiasts of BMW M can be as concerned as we, and is that the Z5 is a model that lends itself to be specially prepared by the division of sport, but it seems that BMW are not for the work of granting us that gift.

we Know that in the deck of BMW there is a special letter, which bears the letter M for the as, but it depends more on Porsche if before the end with this generation of its roadster decides to release a version even more radical than that of the 718 Boxster, the 718 Boxster GTS.

In such a case, there would be a response to Munich and so convincing as to have no rival. Among the many projects that BMW is embracing, technicians of the brand work in a four-cylinder engine TwinPower Turbo and 2.0-liter combined with direct injection of water and an electric motor, reaching up to 500 HP of power, a bestiality from which we know that is bearing fruit very positive.

Assuming that the top of the 500 HP and that Porsche launch the 718 Boxster GTS, which we assume approximately 375 HP, Z5 M with 450 HP already put a lot of land in the middle.