Exclusive: BMW 2-Series 2018, front wheel drive, propulsion and new bodies

much has been made of the future of the BMW 2-Series but we believe that no one has dared to specify how will be the future range of the 2 Series and us, that we have this exclusive information, we are going to do.


current Range BMW Series 2

Up to now, has been talking about a change in the propulsion system of the current BMW 1-Series, if you happen to be a front-wheel drive or if it will maintain its scheme of propulsion. The majority of media have been bet because it will move to the front as the owners of the compact, when asked by the brand, they’ve almost always responded that his car was a front-wheel drive. Very few of the respondents have stated categorically that the 1 Series is a model of rear-wheel drive.

BMW will transform all the models of access to the range of products, that is to say, all there is under the 3 Series will experience a radical change from 2017 / 2018.

The range of front-wheel-drive will have six options of body

The first to arrive will be the smallest of the sedans the brand, which until now what we know as the BMW 1-Series Sedan. Today what we know is that your business name won’t be the Number 1 but BMW 2 Series Sedan, and that will be offered in front-wheel drive and total model, developed with the new modular platform UKL, the same as the MINI and the new X1.

The current compact three-and five-door 1 Series, the current will become part of the Series 2 and will be the next to arrive, around the end of 2018, moving to front-wheel drive and also using the platform UKL.

a Few months later, the manufacturer will introduce the BMW 2-Series Gran Turismo, a five-door with coupe styling as the 5-Series GT, with a sporty design, but also more refined. The range will be completed with the substitutes of the current Active Tourer of five and seven-seater.


BMW 2-Series GT (Recreation)

The range of propulsion

In the range of propulsion, BMW will offer two new models that will be added to the relays of the current Coupé and Cabrio, but before we discover them we have to say that the plans for this range seem to us to be over-ambitious and it is because of the fact that will use the new modular platform rear-wheel-drive CLAR. Yes, the same as the new BMW 7 Series, the next 5 Series, and the future new generation of the X3 and 3 Series already on the way.

it is Not just an issue of costs to amortize this basis modular as soon as possible, because you could say that with all that there is above the 3 Series is perfectly amortizable in a short time, but because BMW wants to emphasize the sporty look of the 2 Series and what better than to do so with this modern platform. Will be certainly a good base.


BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe Compact

in Addition to the 2 Series Coupe and 2-Series Convertible, the third body will be that of a three volumes and four doors: we Talk about the Gran Coupe, a classical berline, to be known as “Gran Coupe Compact”, with versions of two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive xDrive. At first, I can confirm that the 2-Series Convertible, and this Gran Coupe, will have versions-M as the BMW M2 Coupe.

will Arrive due to an internal survey carried out at owners of BMW models from all over the world in which it has been detected that the customers demand the existence of a small sedan rear-wheel drive. This is a very important decision for the brand from Munich, because until now he was not sure to expand this concept already available in the Series 4 and 6.

to Clarify that although the range Series 2 wide with new bodies, some covered in other BMW models, we have confirmation that there will not be a Series 2 Touring.


Imagining a BMW 2 Series Gran Sport Tourer

BMW is an expert at opening new market niches and is not a brand that “copy”, but likes to experiment. You have already done with the SUV, Coupé, but now it will do also with the concept of “Shooting Brake”, instead of moving this type of bodywork directly to a model as in the case of the CLA Shooting Brake.

Towards the second half of 2020, BMW will present the 2 Series Gran Sport Tourer, a redefinition of the Shooting Brake with a lot more style coupe and exclusive personality but that will also offer great functionality.

Summary of what’s new:

  • BMW 2 Series Sedan
  • BMW 2-Series Gran Turismo
  • BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe Compact
  • BMW 2 Series Gran Sport Tourer
  • BMW M2 Cabrio
  • BMW M2 Gran Coupe Compact