Exclusive: BMW is preparing a new engine for a M5 hybrid


The new generation of the BMW M5 is on sale now

a few weeks Ago that the head of BMW M officially announced that the hybridization was on the table of the council and who were already working in different pathways.

it Was obvious, logical, and absolutely necessary that the division of sports BMW began to walk down this road because Mercedes and Audi had overtaken the Munich was a long time. In fact, it is that Porsche already announced to three of these a long time ago when they introduced the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

And, of course, Mercedes and Audi also have done so, first because in a few weeks to debut your first block with technology “mild hybrid” in the new CLS AMG 53 4MATIC and the of the four rings because the next RS7 Sportback will adopt the same hybrid of the sports saloon from Porsche.


The hybridization with the technology of 48V on the M5 opens up new possibilities in terms of power

The statement from BMW announcing the introduction of technologies of hybridization or electrification in the models of BMW M was required, especially because they have been doing testing for a long time with these technologies, and we we have revealed that the future M3 will get some form electrified.

But it will not be the only one, because we can tell you that it is very possible that before the end of the decade, the newly launched BMW M5 becomes a hybrid. A source of absolute solvency we have been informed that, since last summer, working with mules testing the new M5 equipped with different hybrid solutions, all starting from a new block of eight cylinders in V TwinPower Turbo 4.0-liter which takes the base of the block of the current S63B44T2 of the sports saloon.


BMW M5 30th Anniversary: The manufacturer of Munich carried out tests in secret with mules, this model equipped with different hybrid solutions

Two options, a hybrid pure and a “mild hybrid”

Logically, the first option involves mounting a battery in the model and there are supporters to do or not to do so; those who opt for this solution point to add about 150 kilograms of a battery to a car that already weighs nearly two tons is not significant.

The detractors are opting for the opposite. The goal is not to offer an autonomy in electric mode, but rather to increase the engine torque and power at a reasonable figure, so that to use the technology in a network electric 48V option is most feasible.

In reality, this is the fruit of work for a few years, even if we do not have the option to view photos spies of some developments, the manufacturers always have mules that prove different technologies, and it is the case of BMW, who makes a few years already made some first steps with units of the old generation of the M5 with hybrid systems.