Exclusive: BMW looks to 2023 with a new strategic plan


You can see here in exclusive the new strategic plan of BMW

few days Ago our colleague Javier Gómara was testing the BMW M4 GTS and told us in the video of the test that this model was the way to BMW to ask for forgiveness to flood us with so much SUV. Because until 2023, is going to have to ask for forgiveness many more times; as many as new SUVs are going to get.

The past month of may, BMW introduced the new strategy “Number ONE > NEXT”, a plan for all of the BMW Group that shows the path you will follow in conducting autonomous, to make more progress on the connectivity integral, the new generation of electric mobility, a further development and extension of the lightweight construction and a style that is more innovative for the interior. To be honest, to us we care more about new projects in the BMW works and what models are going to get.

New range of models BMW

2018 will be the “year X” because will four models: X2, X3, X5 and X7, in addition to the i8 Roadster and Z5 Roadster. The last three will be the most important in which financial profitability is understood, as BMW aims to achieve between 8% and 10% of profit margin in 2020.

range of products also going to be reorganized. We have already seen before how it will be in the Series 1 and Series 2. From the new 5-Series, the ranges odd will only be offering bodies for Sedan and Touring, while pairs will be provided with the Coupe, Cabrio and Gran Coupe.

On this realignment will also influence the supply mechanics, because that the hybrid versions plug-in will only be available in Hatchback and are provided with two options, a less potent that it will retain the name of “eDrive” and other more powerful, to be known as “iPerformance“. This name will be used for the “M Performance power” as distinguished from the eDrive to equip batteries of higher power and a power electronics for driving more sporty and efficient.

electric Range fully integrated

in short, since the new 5-Series every new generation of model will have combustion engines, basic electric eDrive and the more prestacional iPerformance, and the sports M Performance and M

In BMW i, “iPerformance” will be to powerful versions that will offer a greater fun at the wheel, which is not opposed to a high efficiency, so that in the not too distant future we can expect a BMW i3 iPerformance.

BMW M will also play a special importance. In some markets, demand of the supercars has soared, and not only for the versions M Performance. If they will have a presence in all the Series, the real M will be no less and is expected to continue to be offered the additional CS and GTS.

In terms of the mechanics of petrol and diesel, the strategy will also change depending on the permissiveness of some countries about the diesel engines, so that the German brand will move forward in a major development in the blocks-turbo, gasoline; as well as hybrid and electric.

These are just a few of the models that have more immediate which will reach up to 2023, to which must be added the still in project as a roadster, the most compact “Z” or the BMW i5, the true protagonist of this new strategy “Number ONE > NEXT”, and that we provide you with more data soon.

Calendar future models BMW

Brand Presentation Release
BMW X2 Q4 2017 Q1 / Q2 2018
BMW X3 Q3 2017 Q1 / Q2 2018
BMW X5 Q2 2018 Q4 2018
BMW X7 Q3 2018 Q1 2019
BMW Z5 Q3 2017 Q1 / Q2 2018
BMW i8 Roadster Q4 2018 Q1 / Q2 2019
BMW i3 iPerformance 2018 2018

* Q: Quarter. / Approximate timing of presentation and marketing.