Exclusive: BMW M2, the price of all their equipment optional


the colors of The BMW M2 cost 851’04 euros, less the target that has no cost

we Already know the launch price of the expected BMW M2. And now, thanks to this exclusive, as we all know the price of its optional elements. The BMW M2 equipped with a turbocharged 3.0-liter gasoline engine and 370 HP and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4`5 seconds. Its average consumption approved -for the manual version – is 8’5l/100km and its maximum speed is 250 km/h.

to Equip the automatic M double-clutch costs 4.808 €

BMW offers the option of equipping your famous : automatic transmission 7-speed shift dual-clutch M-by-4.808 € , that means that the BMW M2 with automatic change is available from 67.708 euros. This transfer lowers the average consumption approved up to 7’9 liters per 100 km, makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 4’3 seconds thanks to its function launch control.

For now there are no tires that are optional and only offered the leather upholstery Dakota with quilted contrast in blue as the only possibility in your interior, but if you have – as we advance in its day- four colors with which to dress your body: Alpineweiss, Black Saphire,Mineral Grau and Long Beach Blue, with the exception of the white all has a cost 851’04 euros.


BMW M2: its four available colors

Package services Connected Drive has a cost of 756’40 euros and includes functionality very interesting as the remote Services (to interact with the car remotely) and access to traffic information in real time. There’s also other interesting options such as the reversing camera or lights adaptive among others.

list of prices on the packages and optional equipment available is the following:

Item Category Price
Change of double clutch M with Drivelogic Transmission 4.808 €
service Package, ConnectedDrive Package 756,40 €
reverse Camera Asist. driving 516,99 €
Driving Assistant Asist. driving 640,27 €
Speed Limit info Asist. driving 395,70 €
Syst. Professional Navigation Communication and entertainment 2.576,99 €
Syst. Speakers Hi-Fi Harman/Kardon Communication and entertainment 974,32 €
Services ConnectedDrive Communication and entertainment 431,49 €
Real Time Traffic information Communication and entertainment 162,08 €
Remote Services Communication and entertainment 54,93 €
Internet Communication and entertainment 123,28 €
online Entertainment Communication and entertainment 481,20 €
Conex. wireless for Smartphone Communication and entertainment 801,33 €
Access comfort Comfort 357,92 €
Glazing solar protection Contort 431,49 €
Line chrome exterior outdoor Equipment 246,57 €
grey band on the windshield outdoor Equipment 111,35 €
electric sunroof outdoor Equipment 986,26 €
Mirrors electric folding antiglare Lighting and visibility 395,70 €
Lights adaptive Lighting and visibility 666,12 €
Alarm with remote control Security 592,55 €