Exclusive: get the First pictures of the Audi e-tron quattro!


The Audi e-tron quattro, first model completely electric of the brand of four rings, we have hunted for the first time rolling down the open road. Under a layer of camouflage can be glimpsed perfectly the lines of this model as expected for everyone.

we have Already seen this car in the form of concept a few years ago when he made his debut international for the Frankfurt Auto show 2015. There the brand presented a SUV mid-size powered entirely by electrical energy. This is called Audi e-tron Concept. Came equipped with three electric motors that drove this vehicle, giving it a function boost, which provided a total of 503 HP.

Now that concept becomes real, and the brand has planned for its launch to the public in the next year, 2018, although we recall that in Norway because you can make orders and bookings of this model from a few months ago.


The car that we have been able to hunt in exclusive shows an SUV of medium size completely camouflaged. In the we appreciate the great similarity of aesthetics between this and the conceptual model. In the front we can see the headlamps of new design of the brand, in addition to the newly released new front grille, which occupies a large part of the nose of the car, we have already seen this new design of grill in the new Audi A8. In this prototype, this has also been covered with camouflage, since to be a car for mobility 100% electric doesn’t need air intake to the and the front grill happens to be of utility merely decorative. As we have already seen in the new Tesla, the grills, the front will tend to disappear.

In its rear we can see a few strokes conservatives, very typical of SUV’s of the brand, which what more flame the attention is the absolute absence of exhaust outlets, absolutely unnecessary to be a 100% electric vehicle. In their headlights in the rear we find the same line of design that we already see in the rest of the family Audi.

a few months Ago, we could already see as in Audi began to move with their electric vehicles, when we were able to see a video of the Audi e-tron Sportback Concept while was rolling on the rooftop of a building in the German city of Hamburg when she did a photo shoot.


Audi it was suggested strongly to create a model that put in trouble to the california-based Tesla. And it seems that you intend to take the initiative in this duel between electrical, putting up for sale this SUV of medium size. Tesla is expected that the Model And, evening is still to appear.

This final model will likely be presented to the public at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show 2017, exactly two years later since its presentation in the form of concept, meeting this way the plans that Audi had on the date of issue of this model.