Exclusive! Interview with Carlos Sainz and the Peugeot team in the European Rally Championship

last Thursday, we went to the district of Las Tablas in Madrid to go to the press conference that the team of Peugeot Spain Racing we had prepared. In it, we could see the two riders in the that Peugeot puts its full trust to be submitted to the European championship of this year. They are Jose Antonio “Rocket” Suarez and Pepe Lopez.

In the big event, we were able to be in contact with one of the greatest figures that represents the Rally in Spanish. Carlos Sainz made presence “sponsoring” young promises where spoke of the future of Peugeot, on his ill-fated tour this year in the Dakar and to your child, Carlos Sainz Jr. Once more, had no qualms in answering all the questions during the interview.

In an apparent peaceful and comfortable environment, crackled in the air the stress to which are subject the two young riders for this year. Both the Spaniard “Rocket” Suarez as madrid’s Pepe Lopez along with his two co-pilots (Cándido Carrera and Borja Rozada), will run in six races in the European Rally Championship belonging to the brand-new ERC Junior U28.

Your tour will cover countries like Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Latvia and of course Spain, among others… Both pilots, will pilot the powerful Peugeot 208 R5 T16 with engine EP6C of 185CV; paying homage to the legendary Peugeot 205 T16, which was a doublet at the World Title in the WRC and the winner the same number of times in the Dakar in the decade of the 80.

Peugeot wants to show his bet and trusted by the talented Spanish. For this determination, Peugeot Spain Racing Team takes as an example the work done by Carlos Sainz along with Lucas Cruz in the Dakar. Now, the setting is a firm in the short term to be able to win in the european championship of rallies and looking with suspicion the great future goal, to drive its two major promises to the world championship.

The bet General Director for Spain and Portugal, Jorge Tome; it is clear. “Spain it is a land with a lot of talent. We want along with France, is the country that nurtures our teams Racing of the Dakar and the different modalities of Rallies…” finally stressed “our riders have everything that it takes to achieve it.”

What were the words of Carlos Sainz?

Sainz, was very confident and convinced in your arguments. With a firm voice and without hesitation stated that “two years ago, Peugeot Racing Team was the copa Peugeot in France with two young spaniards and today we are with the two riders that have won this championship”. Thanking Peugeot Sport because “it’s going to give them the confidence to run the European championship, this is very good news”, he insisted.

in Addition clarified that the European championship is a great opportunity “is not a step backwards from the world championship. The trust of a brand like Peugeot is a privilege. A mark of their support to racing in Europe is to say ” thank you”. Always with a tone axiomatic that characterizes a champion, esperanzó “in life sometimes you have to take a step back to be able to give two or three forwards”.

With this concluded giving their best wishes to the Spanish pilots and advised them to forget about by the time of the world to take advantage of the great opportunity they were giving on the part of Peugeot to the European championship… “that focus on this car, in trying to win it and the next step will come off alone.”

What said Sainz about his future and that of his son, Carlos Sainz Jr?

accidente Carlos Sainz Dakar

Stalked some doubts about what will happen in the near future. However, confirmed that “Peugeot is going to repeat the Dakar, I think it’s going to be three cars”. On the other hand, despite the incident that happened recently in his career on the Dakar, legend Spanish did not hesitate to show your passion for this world when he stated ” the level of motivation and wanting to keep it; but, with 54 years and with the level that we maintain, we couldn’t do it.”

On your step this year for the Dakar; declared to be in excellent condition to make the race. The day of the accident “I knew that we were leading the race, and that we were going to fight it among the riders of Peugeot”. And that therefore, “Have this problem for a little bit of powder and a ball, gives a rabies tremendous“.

Sainz repeated his formula in terms of the advice that you give to your child “have to be centered in the Toro Rosso, focused on Red Bull, get the most out of your car and forget the rest“. This opinion is moved to its pilots for Peugeot and said that “in the head of Sainz Jr, there is another thing. In addition, talk of his possible contract with Renault “or poses”.

Source – Peugeot.

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