Exclusive: Jaguar Land Rover, these are your new engines Ingenium


The range of engines , Ingenium is prepared for different configurations, cross-sectional or longitudinal, in front wheel drive models, rear, and total, and in the future, also for hybridization.

Thanks to this modularity, we can see the new versions of four and six-cylinder in the Jaguar XE, XF and F-PACE, as well as in the Discovery Sport and in the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. However, the choices of six-cylinder will not be available in the SUV small as the Discovery Sport and Evoque, which will be formed only with the four-cylinder.

placing Ourselves in the background on the new range of engines , Ingenium Jaguar and Land Rover, in the spring of 2015, the british labels we announced a new block of six cylinders in line and, in the past Hall of Paris, announced to us the arrival of the new dual-clutch transmission and 8-speed TRANSCEND along with a new block gasoline four-cylinder.

New four-cylinder engines

Since then nothing more has been known, but Jaguar and Land Rover opening 2017 with an expansion of this new family of engines, especially with a block of four-cylinder petrol and 2.0-litre that will three levels of power: 200 HP, 250 HP and 300 HP, of the that we give you all the data.

The new powertrain, four-cylinder, advanced technology, has a valve train electro-hydraulic, an integrated exhaust manifold and turbocharger-dual technology ceramic bearings, being 25% more powerful and 15% more efficient than the block it replaces, the 2.0-liter source Ford that is sold in the XE with 240 HP.

the Front Architecture Fuel Power maximum Torque
1.997 4-cylinder in-line Gasoline 200 HP at 5,500 rpm 365 Nm / 1.200 – 4.500
1.997 4-cylinder in-line Gasoline 250 HP at 5,500 rpm 365 Nm / 1.200 – 4.500
1.997 4-cylinder in-line Gasoline 300 HP at 5,500 rpm 400 Nm / 1.500 – 4.500

the Return of the six-cylinder in-line Jaguar

Likewise, the V6 3.0 S/C and to 340 HP will no longer be offered in favor of a completely new block of inline six-cylinder with 3.0 liters, equipped with direct injection, and will be available in both petrol as well as diesel.

Of each fuel will provide up to three levels of power, so the range will be six versions. In gasoline-the new six-cylinder 3.0-liter will be offered with 350 HP, 450 HP and 500 HP, the latter for versions more sports.

In diesel, the offer will include three other options, with 280 HP, 340 HP and 400 HP.

the Front Architecture Fuel Power
3.0 6-cylinder in-line Gasoline 310 HP
3.0 6-cylinder in-line Gasoline 410 HP
3.0 6-cylinder in-line Gasoline 510 HP
3.0 6-cylinder in-line Diesel 280 HP
3.0 6-cylinder in-line Diesel 340 HP
3.0 6-cylinder in-line Diesel 400 HP