Exclusive: Mercedes-AMG will present your vehicle in 2019

a few weeks Ago we told you that Mercedes-AMG is preparing a third model, the AMG GT Roadster, and plans to display it next year. Well, now we’re back to give you a new piece of news is that Mercedes has awarded AMG a very special.

What you are about to read is totally true; we have confirmed a source of absolute trust: in 2019, Mercedes-AMG put into the market a rival to the Panamera. Yes, you’re reading it right; after numerous rumors for the network, we have confirmation of the production of that model, a true sports sedan that already has assigned a project code and that is working with: C290.


Sketch: saloon AMG GT

The success of their models is the key

This model will be the fourth to arrive, after the AMG GT Roadster and the AMG GT Black Series, which is expected to 2018; only a year afterwards, this sedan. We have made it clear that “will not be a mere AMG GT with a longer wheelbase” to accommodate two rear doors.

Your code is internal C290

to Have its own personality, attractive and sporty with a silhouette markedly coupe, and the interior of a true GT with a configuration of 2+2-seater.

Mercedes has taken into account the success that the AMG GT is giving to the brand of the star, whose acceptance by the public more well-to-do is a fact, and that is helping significantly to increase the sales figures Mercedes. And forecasts that are handled are so good that it is expected that the success will endure.


Exterior very sharp with four doors

If to this we add that the version Roadster the GT AMG will strengthen, without a doubt, these figures, it is okay to say that the success of Mercedes-AMG will be extended in the time. And, thanks to the sales of the GT AMG has arrived the prize: the new sports saloon, that which we have seen in many renders being named as GT4.

The strategy of AMG has changed

The new Porsche Panamera is the true rival to beat. In Mercedes, they know very well that the current Panamera is a model that has given, and is giving many joys to the brand of Stuttgart, and that the second generation that very soon we will see what will be even more.

Now you tell us that the CLS 63 AMG has been positioned up until now as the rival to the Panamera, and you have so much reason, we have asked the same question and we have explained that the CLS 63 AMG is a model that is part of a platform of a normal model of the range as the E Class and in future what will be the MRA of the s Class.


The SLS AMG and its successor, the AMG GT

Are pricing a diesel engine of high performance

In contrast, the AMG GT uses the same “space frame” of aluminum of the past SLS AMG but with 50 mm less of battle, and that offers a high level of stiffness.

To this must be added that, despite an overhaul of the driving dynamics, more specifically, they explain that they do not offer the same sensations. The CLS 63 AMG will continue in a new generation but may not offer the same level that the new saloon.

For that reason, Mercedes has changed its strategy positioning AMG as a true competitor for Porsche, offering a sensations and driving hardly experienced in a sports sedan. We say that this also has a reading, and that is that we can expect more models in the AMG; literally, “this will not be the only one”, and we are looking forward to know them.

More of a motorization

we Already know how it will be focused this new saloon, and the style that you have. We are adventurous, so we asked directly by their name and their range of mechanical, though perhaps the latter is what most of us called attention. Your name, as it could not be otherwise, is secret, but the denomination GT4 is an option not ruled out, although it would not be surprising to anyone.

the range Of mechanical, of course, will be offered in block V8 4.0-liter supercharged from the AMG GT in all its versions, but also with a choice of gasoline V6 that will be a derivation of the V8, “since we are in the era of Downsizing”.

Also includes a hybrid version and it is possible also that it is offered with a powerful diesel six-cylinder. Authentic big words, even though the latter is in a string, we say, pretty loose.


Engine v8 4.0 of the AMG GT S