Exclusive: the engine of the Mercedes A-Class 2018

we Already have the range of mechanics was proposed for the future generation of the Mercedes A-Class 2018. This is not the first exclusive that I give of this type and will not be the last.

the main novelty of The future generation of the Mercedes A-Class is that it will be built on the platform MFA2, a architecture is much more lightweight and compatible with a variety of alternative propulsion systems such as hybrids or 100% electric.

there Will be two bodies different

With the arrival of this new generation are planned two bodies different, the traditional 5-door and a 4-door sedan as we mentioned in August. The new platform will provide a better driving experience thanks to an improvement in weight, and in addition to an increase in the distance of axes that will offer some squares later more spacious as well as a boot with a higher load capacity.

Its interior will be clad with higher quality materials to create an interior environment more welcoming, with a panel of digital instrumentation and a new system of info-entertainment. Its exterior also evolve by adapting optical groups and forms according to the latest release of the brand but further easing your figure.

with Regard to the engines we know that the new generation of the Mercedes A-Class will offer a range of engines three and four cylinders in addition to a hybrid variant plug-in. The variant butt end will come signed by Mercedes-AMG. This is the range of mechanics that are raised for the model to this day with figures of power provisionales.

VersiĆ³n Combustible Power interim
180 Gas 150 HP
TO 180d Diesel 130 HP
200 Gas 180 CV
200 9G-Tronic Gas 180 CV
TO 200d Diesel 150 HP
To 200d 9G-Tronic Diesel 150 HP
TO 220d 9G-Tronic Diesel 194 HP
TO 220d 4MATIC 9G-Tronic Diesel 194 HP
250 4MATIC 9G-Tronic Gas 272 HP
TO 250d 4MATIC 9G-Tronic Diesel 231 HP
40 AMG 4MATIC 9G-Tronic Gasoline 340 HP
A 45 AMG 4MATIC 7G-Tronic Gas 410 HP

Of this list, there are two versions that are not yet confirmed and are, To the 250d 4MATIC and A40 AMG as it is still considering to include them or not. What we can confirm is that it will be to the sale in the second quarter of 2018, until then we will continue informing you.


Mercedes A-Class 2018 caught during their testing