Exclusive: The Infiniti QX30 2016 hunted in Spain


The Infiniti QX30 2016 production has been hunted while conducting tests in the north of our country. The japanese want to venture with this model to the segment of the crossovers compact luxury. It is a commitment that accompanies the already presented version more urban Q30, both heavily influenced by the Infiniti Q30 Concept.

As you can appreciate the production version is very similar to the prototype presented in Frankfurt. Emphasizes its sharp headlights front with daytime running light-up built-in and maintains the dynamic and accentuated waist line that runs along the lateral surface of the vehicle.

Thanks to the agreements between the Renault-Nissan alliance and Mercedes, Infiniti has at its disposal a platform, the Mercedes GLA, as adapted to the needs of this crossover. Unmistakable are their protections plastic body, the free distance to the floor and the chrome bars on the roof.


This QX30 will become, alongside the Infiniti Q30, in one of the models of entry to the range japanese. An opportunity to zoom in to the dealer to a customer young also need a , the aesthetic is more risky in comparison with the alternatives German.

The range of engines and technology will have a lot to do with the crossover German, at least in terms of engines diesel. But it will be much more that a GLA with another body as Infiniti will print your own stamp in all corners of the crossover as well as with settings that make us feel that we’re inside one of their vehicles.

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