Exclusive: the prototype of the first BMW fuel cell stack can be seen in public

BMW Pila de Combustible - foto espía

We show exclusive the first pictures of the prototype fuel cell BMW on the road.

although in recent years many brands have plunged into the war by offering the best hybrid technology on the market as well as electric cars with significant autonomy, there is another field in which the manufacturers have been working in the background and very soon will materialize in the first production vehicles. We talk about the hydrogen fuel cell. Brands such as Toyota and its successful Toyota Mirai have already taken an important step forward in this field. And in this case, BMW comes stomping through the agreement precisely with Toyota in the year 2013.

Proof of this is this exclusive here. The first pictures of the prototype fuel cell BMW doing some testing on the open road. Since it was unveiled to the public last year during a presentation of static, we had not been able to see it in motion until today. This BMW 5-Series GT equipped with the fuel cell technology that it is developing BMW we anticipate first production model that will be a reality very soon.

This prototype is actually a mule for testing the third model of BMW i

BMW 5-Series GT will be the first model of the mark in equipping this propulsion system with the that BMW want to replace their conventional hybrids. What is the form of this variant in the new generation? It is too soon to aventurarlo, although if there is something clear, is that the new 5-Series will come loaded with new features. A new generation of which we are following very closely its development since it began a long time ago. And is that you just have to see all the spy photos that we have published to date of the BMW 5 Series, 2017.

BMW Pila de Combustible - foto espía

The development of the first BMW FCEV continues in leaps and bounds and will be a reality in less than a year.

But, leaving to one side the new generation of the 5 Series, and focusing on what truly matters to us at this time, what we know of the technology BMW eDrive new generation? it Is a further step in the hybridization of the range of the German firm and, in this case, the arrival on the market of the first BMW powered by a fuel cell system of hydrogen.

on the other hand, we can also anticipate that this technology, which will provide the first production vehicle that incorporates a range of more than 500 kilometers. In addition, the refuelling with a full deposit will be held in less than five minutes.

The BMW i5 will use a fuel cell system

As well-we have said this technology has already showed us last year during the Conference on Innovation of BMW. A system fitted on a BMW 5-Series GT, although in this case, and as we say, is the first that you can see such prototype rolling down the open road, doing various tests of the fuel cell system being developed by the German firm.

BMW Pila de Combustible - foto espía

This prototype was accompanied by a Tesla Model S, Hyundai ix35 FuelCell and a Toyota Mirai.

as A reminder, it is interesting to note that, in that case, the prototype of the BMW 5-Series GT FCEV formed part of a system composed by a electric motor of 180 kW (245 HP) and a high-voltage battery (of unspecified capacity). The hydrogen tank was installed in a container in the shape of a tunnel between the two axles of the vehicle and stored at a pressure of 350 bar. It is very likely that these figures are kept in the production model.

Other brands like Mercedes are already working on their own systems fuel cell. It is more, not long ago we photographed also exclusive to a prototype of a Mercedes GL fuel cell stack. A concept that Mercedes-Benz will introduce in a few months during the Paris motor show 2016, and we anticipate a production model that will hit the market over the next year, just like the BMW.

After a relevant research, we can
to anticipate a very important fact about this prototype of BMW 5-Series GT
FuelCell that we have hunted. And is that it is a
mule testing on the BMW i5.
In the middle of last year we have already commented that
the third model of the range BMW i released a battery system
of hydrogen. And these spy photos confirm this to us. Details
as the lines accent in blue color make clear reference to that
line of models.

BMW Pila de Combustible - foto espía

This prototype of BMW 5-Series GT FuelCell is actually a mule of tests of the future BMW i5.