Exclusive: The Renault Kwid, hunted in Spain

The Renault Kwid is the most affordable model of the range of the French manufacturer. A crossover initially raised for emerging markets around the world but, after the last movement of the manufacturer, it seems that also we will see that in Europe. A few days ago, we found the first unit of the Kwid in Germany and now present you images exclusive of a unit in Spain.

The two units spotted by the time in the Old Continent were exported from India, where it is marketed, with the purpose of to define the specifications of european Kwid. The numerous technical tests and road tests have begun this same month of January and evaluate their behavior, reliability, safety and emissions.

What are you testing?

In countries such as India the small SUV gaul of 3.86 metres in length, is offered with a modest propellant of 0.8 litres of displacement. Next week will be in the Hall of New Delhi 2016 is a more powerful version with a new gasoline engine of 1.0 liters. This mechanic is the one that Renault would offer in the european markets and their power would be around 75 HP.


in Addition, everything seems to indicate that the unit registered German could be equipped with a new manual transmission piloted developed by ZF. This box will come in the first time to the indian market and other emerging countries in Asia, Africa and South america, but it could also have a place in the european range of the Kwid.

it remains to be seen whether the Kwid will be marketed under the brand Renault or Dacia at the dealers in europe. Given the character low cost of this small SUV seems logical to think that carries the logo of the brand romania by more than Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault, has ensured in the past that there will not be a Dacia Kwid. Time will tell.