Exclusive: we look forward to the new prototype of fuel cell Mercedes

Mercedes GL con Pila de Combustible - foto espía

This mule testing we anticipate the new prototype SUV with fuel cell from Mercedes.

Is something that was already hinting at in the last few months and now, we can give you new details on the exclusive. In particular, we talked about the prototype SUV with a fuel cell system that the guys from Mercedes-Benz will present in just a few months during the Salon Automobile Paris 2016. And as we say, with these spy photos taken at the exclusive, we can anticipate new details on this new conceptual model.

We are faced with a mule test that part of the, formerly known as Mercedes GL-Class, and that has a whole series of changes, both internal and external, with which you can perform various tests with the fuel cell system that, in the not too distant future, we will see in a production model. And it is this prototype that we will see in the Paris Salon 2016, we will anticipate a commercial model.

Is more, if we enter into details, we can say that this prototype we will anticipate one of the four models to all-electric that Mercedes has planned to launch to the market from the year 2018. They will be role models completely separate and distinct from the current range of products. What a kind of sub-brand associated with vehicles that are powered alternative systems? It is something that was already commenting on, and that has every chance of being so.

Mercedes GL con Pila de Combustible - foto espía

This mule testing Mercedes lacks rear seats.

But, back to the spy photos of this Mercedes GL with fuel cell system, it is worth noting some of the modifications that the engineers of the German mark have been made to be able to adapt and perform different tests with this system of propulsion alternative. For example, one of the biggest changes and, of course, that we will find is that lacks of squares later.

Is more, if we look through the rear windows will be appreciated that in place of the back seats has been installed a box of important dimensions in the horizontal position and to which is attached a number of tubes directed to the panels of the glass of the custody of the pillar “C”. In addition, in this place you can see the relevant drains and traces of the water that has been dried by the air.

on the other hand, in the bumper we can also see a hole that comes to perform the same function. That is to say, the other drain that let water escape from the fuel cell system. Vehicles which use systems of fuel cell require one or more drains through which expel the water generated by the system to condense the steam.

Mercedes GL con Pila de Combustible - foto espía

Mercedes has planned to launch four electric models from 2018.

What more details we can expect on the prototype that will lead this mule testing? So we have been able to find out, their dimensions will be very similar to the Tesla Model X and thanks to a battery of high-efficiency lithium-ion autonomy will be approximately 500 kilometers. The fuel cell system of hydrogen will be an evolution or improvement seen in the Mercedes F 015 Luxury Revolution, a prototype which, remember, was presented early last year during CES 2015.