Exclusively for China: a Mercedes E-Class long wheelbase as spacious as an S Class

The Hall of Beijing kicks off this very night. While in Spain we will be sleeping, the car manufacturers presented novelties of the draft in the second car market in the world by volume. It is a market with peculiarities – small families, large import tariffs of foreign cars – and in which the hatchback remains the queen. Mercedes presents in exclusive for the chinese market new E-Class long wheelbase, built by its joint-venture local with BAIC in the asian country, taking as a basis the Mercedes Class E.

What changes on the Mercedes E-Class long wheelbase?

A small ornament on the C-pillar lets us see that it is not a Class And any one, it is a machine most luxurious and distinguished.

The first thing that calls the attention is its outward growth. Grows 14 inches, reaching 5,06 meters. It is a similar length to that of an Audi A8 or a Mercedes S-Class short battle. The battle of the E-Class increases by 140 mm with the objective that the passengers of the rear row travelling in first class. This increase of battle translates directly into 134 mm additional space for the legs of the occupants of the rear seats, that they have easy access to the spaces due to doors great.

mercedes-clase-e-batalla-larga-14The exterior design hardly varies with respect to the Mercedes E-Class four-door that we already know. Yes it is obvious the bigger size of the rear door and a glass surface slightly modified in the same. Vehicles with engines less than two liters of displacement have tax advantages, substantial in China, for this reason, this Mercedes E-Class long wheelbase boots in a version E 200 L, equipped with an engine 2.0 turbo 184 CV, associated to the new automatic gearbox 9G-TRONIC nine relationships.

Has a number of a huge panoramic roof and a instrumentation 100% digital-controllable by the driver.

The Mercedes E-Class long wheelbase is the flagship of the sedan half-German, and therefore can be equipped optionally interesting technologies such as the headlamps-MULTIBEAM LED, a Led dot-matrix with no fewer than 84 diodes by optical. The system DRIVE PILOT assists the driver in driving on the motorway, up to the point of being a wizard almost a semi-autonomous: stores the distance with the vehicles ahead and can stop the car fully in case of need, without physical intervention of the driver.


A luxurious interior and refined

of course, the Mercedes E-Class long wheelbase is a car made to be enjoyed in its rear seats. From them you can set up a lighting with 64 possible tones, and enjoy the upholstery care of their two butacones rear. Really has three rear seats, but the central square is converted into a refined center of infotainment, from which it is possible to control the sound from the speakers Burmester. The input is a sophisticated system of touch which also recognizes characters of the chinese alphabet.

Source: Mercedes
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