Exeed TX: A new SUV plug-in hybrid Chery for Europe

china’s Chery has list to the new brand, Exeed to land in the markets of Europe. The first models to arrive will be the Exceed TX, an off-road plug-in hybrid, which this week debuted at the Frankfurt Auto show 2017.

Hace several years now, the chinese brands promise with land in bulk on the european market, but for various reasons up to now, this has never managed to materialize. Now is Chery that, through a new model called the Exeed TX promises to make foot in Europe with a product that tries to take advantage of the current customer demand for the SUVs.

After the the failed attempt of landing in Europe with the brand Qoros, now, Chery is betting on a new product, which these days has its official debut in the framework of the Frankfurt motor show 2017. But for this market, the signature of chinese origin will use the brand new Exced and the first of its models will be the “TX”, a todocamino that is ready to reach the markets of the old continent.

new Exeed TX will be has been specifically designed to meet the needs and tastes of the european customer and will be offered in three different possibilities of propulsion electrified. The first of them will be a plug-in hybrid, but there will also be a hybrid and a pure electric.

The first information suggest that the first to arrive will be a plug-in hybrid that will make use of a gasoline engine of 1.5 liter with 150 HP, in combination with a electric motor of 115 HP. The mechanical assembly will be associated with a change automatic Getrag seven-speed.

according to the data provided by the manufacturer, this plug-in hybrid approvals according to the cycle NEDC consumption of 1.8 liters per 100 kilometers, while its battery pack can be recharged to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes always and when using a fast charger, or in four hours when using a plug domestic.

in Addition to the Exeed TX hybrid can be driven in mode is purely electric, offering a range of 70 kilometers, and always with a speed that does not exceed 120 km/h.

The envelope includes a system of information and entertainment with Bosch touch screen of ten inches that includes wireless connectivity WiFi, voice control, integrated navigation system with traffic information in real-time, automatic climate control of two areas with small touch screens in the center of the rotary switches, ventilation, view camera 360 degrees, parking assist, camera back, package LED interior lighting, roof, panoramic glass, alloy wheels etc