Exhibition: The history and evolution of the Corvette through his sketches and ads


Some sketches of impossible ways have a place in this show.

In February of 2017 will be held in Detroit a spectacular exhibition dedicated to the Chevrolet Corvette and its rich history. Although we will not see anything of exposed metal in this temporary exhibition, as it will be composed in its entirety by documentation vintage american sports, his sketches, advertisements, and photographs of the development of the first decades of the model.

Will be organised by the Scarab Club of Detroit and will open its doors next nine of February in the dependencies of the Scarab Club, Michigan. Under the name “American Dreaming: 7 generations and beyond” we can find an incredible retrospective of the history of the development of the model through its sketches and images, made by designers and students of the time.

Gather an impressive collection of images and objects has cost more than a year to the organizers, John Douglas Peters and Robert Edwards, who had to collect all the work and making the artistic catalog that the club has released of this show.


Sketch signed by the legendary Larry Shinoda.

The sample will be divided into three parts. On the one hand we find those sketches of officers of the designers of General Motors, among which we find not only the projects that saw the light, but the interpretations root of the same and therefore never reached the public. On the other hand we find a exhibition of advertising art associated with the model, which covers the second half of the TWENTIETH Century, from the 50’s to the decade of the nineties.

finally, the sample will be a design contest open to current students of design in transport systems, whose work will be exhibited in the sample.

The collection not only shows the evolution of the Corvette from its
conception in the fifties until today, but that it reveals
those sketches that, despite not being employees, some in part, others
in its entirety, were hidden from view of the public, as part of the
secrecy that surrounds the work of the design department of the